College/Career Prep

Choctaw County Career and Technology Center hosts College Day for Choctaw County High School Seniors

During College Day, seniors have an opportunity to meet with college and military recruiters and explore their options for the future. Several colleges and military … Read more

Letters to the Editor

Dear Mr. Trump:

Re: Election November 8, 2016

The enclosed article from our current weekly newspaper written by Joseph McCain, publisher of the Choctaw Plaindealer, prompted me to write this letter to you. (Editorial that appeared in the Oct. 12 … Read more

Mississippi State University Summer 2016 Graduation List

From press reports

Below is the Mississippi State University Graduation List for the 2016 summer term for Choctaw County.

Name              City College/School          Degree     Honors

Juasita Patterson Weir           College of Education          MATM

Honor graduates include all bachelor-degree candidates with exceptional scholastic … Read more

Jail Docket

The Choctaw County Sheriff’s Department filed 16 Incident Offense reports and 83 Miscellaneous incident reports this week.

10/9/16 Adam M. Mansour W/M 5/5/86 CSO disturbing family peace

10/10/16 Mark Robinson B/M 10/30/58 CSO possession of beer

10/10/16 Bertron Robinson B/M … Read more