Don’t work in your garden until soil is dry

By David Nagel
Extension Horticulture Specialist

Allow the soil to dry before working in the garden.

If you have to get out to harvest or plant during the non-raining intervals keep your feet in the furrows. Walking upon or disturbing … Read more

Editorial Roundup – 03/18/2015

All too preventable

The most difficult thing for any public official to do is tell his supporters something they don’t want to hear. Attorney General Eric Holder deserves credit for doing exactly that last week when he explained why there … Read more

Calendar of Events – 03/18/2015

 Spring revival WBC March 18
Spring Revival will be held at Weir Baptist Church, located at 460 Main St., Weir MS., on March 15th through March 18, 2015. Sunday service times are 11 am and 6 pm. Weeknight services are … Read more

Jail Docket – 03/18/2015

The Choctaw County Sheriff’s Department filed 86 miscellaneous incident reports and 22 incident offense reports in the last two weeks.

2/27/15   Ethan Fulce     w/m     2/13/90   CSO  expired tag, no insurance, poss of alcohol & DUI 1st
2/28/15    Cody Meaders    b/m     … Read more