Vaughan’s Vocabulary – 08/26/2015

Don Vaughan provides infrequently used words to strengthen your vocabulary.

What is iambic pentameter (eye-AM-bik pen-TAM-uh-tur)? Merriam Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary defines the noun iamb, which has been in English since 1586, as a metrical foot consisting of one short syllable … Read more

In Our Community – 08/26/2015

God’s Love

By Evangelist Francie Hemphill

God’s love is like a diamond ring, it is valuable to the one who owns it. Thank you Heavenly Father for everything you do for us. Every good and perfect gift comes from you. … Read more

Going green for Traumatic Brain Injury Awareness

Submitted Contact: Choctaw County High School

Choctaw County High School will be “Going Green for Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Awareness” on Friday, August 28th at the first home high school football game and Tuesday, September 1st at the first home … Read more