4-H meets 4-County

A hot line safety demonstration was provided by three 4-County linemen. (Above) Laura Revel and Nadia McKinley with the 4-County employees.

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A group of over 50 Mississippi 4-H high school leaders received a lesson in Cooperative 101 July 22 at the 4-County Electric Power Association Corporate Center.

The cooperative hosted the group, comprised of first place winners in … Read more

Know the offices voters are electing

One of the governor’s duties is signing bills into law.

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Historically, the role of counties has been to serve as an administrative arm of the state – maintaining records, providing courts and law enforcement, building roads, assessing property and collecting taxes, and conducting elections. Counties … Read more

Each ballot cast is important

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It’s Election Day. Do you know where your vote is? If you’re keeping it in your back pocket, you may be doing something yourself and those around you a civic disservice.

As the Democratic and … Read more

Primary election process explained

People putting political symbols in box

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Party candidates are nominated during party primary elections. Voters cast ballots in the party primary of their choice.

If no candidate receives a majority of the votes, a runoff, or second primary, is held between the two … Read more