An unsolved mystery in the Turkey Woods

By Roy Hawkins

The Gobbler’s appearance a mere twenty yards away was a surprise since to all appearances my hunt had gone down the drain a few moments before.

Everything had seemed ideal when I sat down against a tree … Read more

Correction – 03/11/2015

In last week’s article “Qualifying period ends for election”, the position of Chancery Clerk was mislabeled. The correct label should be Circuit Clerk. Also, the qualified candidates for Chancery Clerk were not listed. The Chancery Clerk candidates are Steve Montgomery … Read more

A Lady’s Club, bikers, and potties


When you hear Ackerman 20th Century Club your next thought isn’t usually leather vest wearing, Harley riding bikers, but Jennifer Mize, the Advocates for Children chairperson, and the ladies of the club are about to change that. Starting Thursday, … Read more