In Our Community – 02/10/2016

That’s Life

By Ruth Nowlin

I cannot take credit for this little excerpt. It is something I read and copied from a magazine years ago. It sure did fit my life then and still does to a great extent.… Read more

Hunting with the feist that couldn’t tell a lie

By Roy D. Hawkins

Dad and I were walking up McCurtain’s’ Creek when we noticed a giant pin oak some distance ahead that towered above everything else in the bottom. It was a beautiful bright winter day, and my father … Read more

School menus

(All Meals are Served with a Fresh Fruit Bowl, Juice and Milk)

Choctaw County Breakfast
(All Breakfasts are Served with Cereal and Graham Crackers)

Wednesday, Feb. 10: Biscuits, Sausage or Chicken Patty… Read more

Vaughan’s Vocabulary – 02/10/2016

Don Vaughan provides infrequently used words to strengthen your vocabulary.

Recently I read a list of words related to this second month of the year that we’re in; one of the words is febrific, which I have for number five … Read more

Hospital bond issuance questioned

By Chuck Bailey
The Choctaw Plaindealer

Under the Board Attorney part of the agenda at the February 2, 2016 meeting of the Choctaw County Board of Supervisors, District 5 Supervisor Eric Chambers read to Board members who were all present … Read more