School menus – 04/13/2016

School Menus

(All Meals are Served with a Fresh Fruit Bowl, Juice and Milk)

Choctaw County Breakfast
(All Breakfasts are Served with Cereal and Graham Crackers)
Wednesday, Apr. 13: Biscuits, Sausage or Chicken Patty … Read more

Pilot Club to host “Safety Town” event

From press reports

“Safety Town” is a free public service event hosted by the Pilot Club of Louisville for Winston County children aged preschool to eighth grade.

It’s educational, it’s fun, it’s free and lunch is provided. Kids can get … Read more

Explore Mississippi’s beautiful state parks

By Evan O’Donnell
MSU Extension Service

STARKVILLE, Miss. — Mississippians are blessed with some amazing public lands across the state that offer opportunities for families, organized groups and individuals to experience the beauty of the state and its many outdoor … Read more

House passes several bills as session winds down

As the 2016 Regular Legislative Session winds down, these last few weeks will be filled with members either concurring on bills with the Senate or choosing to send the bills to conference, where the final details will be worked out … Read more