Ackerman set to open new Water Plant

By Chuck Bailey

The Choctaw Plaindealer

After accepting bids for a new water treatment plant a little over a year ago (April 9, 2015), Mayor Dick Cain and the Ackerman Board of Alderman are pleased to announce the plant will … Read more

County dodges $6.2 million repayment

E. Hooper.ChoctawCNC.Final Decision2.17.16_Redacted_Page_01 E. Hooper.ChoctawCNC.Final Decision2.17.16_Redacted_Page_02 E. Hooper.ChoctawCNC.Final Decision2.17.16_Redacted_Page_03 E. Hooper.ChoctawCNC.Final Decision2.17.16_Redacted_Page_04 E. Hooper.ChoctawCNC.Final Decision2.17.16_Redacted_Page_05 E. Hooper.ChoctawCNC.Final Decision2.17.16_Redacted_Page_06 E. Hooper.ChoctawCNC.Final Decision2.17.16_Redacted_Page_07 E. Hooper.ChoctawCNC.Final Decision2.17.16_Redacted_Page_08 E. Hooper.ChoctawCNC.Final Decision2.17.16_Redacted_Page_09 E. Hooper.ChoctawCNC.Final Decision2.17.16_Redacted_Page_10 E. Hooper.ChoctawCNC.Final Decision2.17.16_Redacted_Page_11 E. Hooper.ChoctawCNC.Final Decision2.17.16_Redacted_Page_12 E. Hooper.ChoctawCNC.Final Decision2.17.16_Redacted_Page_13 E. Hooper.ChoctawCNC.Final Decision2.17.16_Redacted_Page_14 E. Hooper.ChoctawCNC.Final Decision2.17.16_Redacted_Page_15 E. Hooper.ChoctawCNC.Final Decision2.17.16_Redacted_Page_16 E. Hooper.ChoctawCNC.Final Decision2.17.16_Redacted_Page_17By Chuck Bailey

The Choctaw Plaindealer

The Mississippi Division of Medicaid on Sept. 29, 2015 approved allowing reimbursable costs claims for 2010 Choctaw County Nursing Center. This decision removed much of the $6,223,343 the Division of Medicaid sought to recoup … Read more

Supervisors table ambulance service proposals

By Chuck Bailey
The Choctaw Plaindealer

David Grayson, Director of Operations for Medstat Emergency Management Services, the current provider of ambulance service in Choctaw County gave a brief overview of their proposal to continue providing ambulance service.

Grayson, basically stated … Read more

Chair caning is not a lost art

Nancy Bagwell

Submitted by Juli Hughes
MSU Extension Service – Choctaw County

Catherine Williams began caning chairs about 10 years ago. Because there were not many people around here that caned chairs, she felt there was a need and learned various caning … Read more

Spring Plant Sale


Choctaw County Career & Technology Center AEST program student Summer Bowie is pictured here with a few plants grown by the students for the AEST programs’ Spring Plant Sale underway now. Students have worked diligently to get ready for this … Read more