Editorial roundup

More Kemper deceit exposed

Mississippi Power Co.’s “clean coal” boondoggle is an ongoing disaster: humongous cost overruns, grossly missed timetables, construction blunders and, now, the possibility of criminal charges for misleading investors about the still unfinished experiment in Kemper County.… Read more

A family tradition continues

The Mississippi Press Association celebrated its 150th anniversary last week at the Golden Nugget casino in Biloxi.

After the Mississippi Bar Association and the Mississippi State Medical Association, it is the oldest state professional association.

Unlike the legal and medical … Read more

In our community

God’s Love

By Evangelist Francie Hemphill

God’s love is like a bouquet of blue hydrangeas, it’s beautiful to one who beholds it.

Thank you Jesus for another beautiful day. I will forever praise your holy name.

Psalms 27:14 Wait on … Read more

Clearing up questions

I am writing this to clarify last week’s column and to address the questions I received.

No, I don’t support Hillary Clinton. Yes, she has done some terrible things also. Her policies as Secretary of State got four Americans killed … Read more

Letter to the editor

Dear Respected Citizens,

I would like to sincerely thank the student body at Choctaw County High School for their support over the course of the past school year, as I have served as their Student Body President. With their help, … Read more

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A dearth of character

An aging lawyer, once a well known Louisiana politician, put a Biblical spin on the presidential race that reflects my thoughts on the prospects of choosing between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in November.

“It’s like … Read more

Editorial roundup

No good news about budget

The evidence continues to grow about Mississippi’s budget: Spending will have to be cut because tax revenues are lower than expected.

At a public hearing last week conducted by the Legislative Black Caucus, state health … Read more

In our community

That’s Life

By Ruth Nowlin

Quite a few years ago we bought a singlewide trailer from one of the grandsons. We settled it across the road in a pine setting, added a nice metal cover over the top and built … Read more

In our community

God’s Love

By Evagelist Francie Hemphill

God’s love is like an aloe vera plant, it soothes all the burning discomfort in our life.

Thank you Jesus for taking away the sting of huts from our life I will forever love … Read more

In our community

That’s Life

By Ruth Nowlin

Mother’s Day has come and gone for another year. For 60 years now I have been a Mother and for almost 37 years I have been a Grandmother. The day was better, I think, when … Read more