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That’s Life
By Ruth Nowlin

Third in a series
Mrs. Clara Perry

Since my all-time favorite subject in any class during my education was English/Literature, it was natural that my favorite teacher became Mrs. Perry. It was not only that … Read more

Editorial roundup

A major blow for private prisons

The federal government’s decision to break most of its ties to the private prison industry has echoes in Mississippi.

In explaining last week its decision to phase out its use of private prisons, the … Read more

Opinions should vary in order to make the world better

With the presidential election upcoming, many people have taken to providing their opinions about the candidates as well as giving opinions on the world in general.

Personally, I think that a diversity of opinions is one of the great things … Read more

Letters to the editor

Thanks to all
We would like to thank all the people for their kindness in the tragic loss of our loved ones, Carolyn Fales; her daughter, Skyla Fales and her boyfriend, Lane Dunn.

We would like to thank the ones … Read more

Editorial Roundup

Hot-car deaths: Err on mercy’s side

Grenada attorney Carlos Moore has a habit of overplaying the race card when representing his clients. He charges racism so often that after a while it’s easy to dismiss his knee-jerk allegations.

It’s difficult, … Read more

Letters to Editor

Concerned about the animals

I read the letter to the editor from Ruth Nowlin “Concerned about Animals” in the August 3, 2016 Plaindealer.

It does not do any good to bless the NO-good people out that throw animals out because … Read more

Letters to the editor

Concerned about animals

I read the editorial concerning letters of concern and will try to be brief. This letter is specifically to the person or persons who dump innocent loving animals off on the side of a road or in … Read more

Letter to the editor

Obtaining support

For the last ten years, I have struggled to obtain child support. I have navigated the proper channels. The Department of Human Services (Child Support) has been slow, but effective, with helping me collect the money owed.

In … Read more

Editorial roundup

Late in the game for tax study

The minds of the Republican leadership in Jackson work in some strange and mysterious ways.

Republicans take total control of the Capitol, pass an estimated 40 tax-cutting measures over five years worth $760 … Read more