Write On

By sister alies


When I write my books or stories, some new ones coming out in a week or two, I try to include characters who are in some form of friendship. Have you noticed how important it is? Look around and wonder at how often you rely on your friend(s) to help you through some bad situation or to share in your joy. When a baby is born…pop, all the girls turn up for a shower. Why? Cuz they likes ya! When your granny passes, they are at that visitation. They know you need them.


Our young people go off to college and we shower them too, with books and computers and supplies they never knew they needed. Our secret hope for them though is that the new roommate is a ‘friend’ not a ‘foe’. That the sorority is about study and not just wild and willful parties. That the sports team guys are respectful not bullies. We have little control of course, but we know how important a friend is in a new and often challenging situation.


Friendship seems to be even at the very heart of God. Three persons all relating one to another with kindness and joy and of course, love on behalf of others. Seen THE SHACK? A film that fleshes this out, among other principles.


To have friends we were told, is to be a friend. Am I the kind of person you can count on? Or am I the person that only takes and never gives…never has that extra $5 to share or never brings anything to the party to eat? No one will notice, we think. Well, folks do notice and you become someone a bit isolated and not someone folks want to share with.


Friends can laugh and joke and care for each other. Real friends, though, are there when someone dies, or is very ill, or is broken. We don’t always know just what to do, even with a close friend, but I can tell you one thing…just being there makes a big difference.


The ministry of presence builds the heart and swells in the innermost parts of the soul and a person can often grow in strength and hope just because you showed up! I remember when I had my very nasty leg accident that landed me in bed nearly a year…well I had cards and food and visits from folks/nurses and rehabs I didn’t know I knew. Their presence was the present! I am always grateful for all of them! It is a reminder of how I want to act towards others.


If you insist on things your way all the time you’ll not be a candidate for deep and long lasting friendships. Give it up and enter into a peace that fills and refreshes. Friendships usually only come with failings…that we are each still an unfinished work of God needs to be a truth, not a news flash! Blessings.