Jail Docket

The Choctaw County Sheriff’s Dept filed 74 MI’s and 20IO’s in the last few weeks

7/15/17 Claude K. Fisackerly, W/M,  4/1/96, Delta 1/CSO,  wreckless driving, no proof of insurance & hold for Neshoba Co SO

7/24/17 Kelsye R. Freshour, W/M, 1/3/79, MDOC, hold for MDOC & Hold for Oktibbeha Co SO

7/26/17  Kevin Brown, W/M, 1/12/75, CSO, false pretense, switched tag, carrying concealed weapon, & DHS incarceration order

7/27/17 Quintras Miller, B/M, 4/3/89, CSO, failure to ID