Write On

By sister alies


What do you do with disappointment? A word among many that describes how you might feel about some certain situation. Here are some responses I received:  I get angry; I get frustrated; I get worried; I blame myself; blame others; and the most refreshing was I GET ON WITH IT!


Disappointment links us to not being in control even when we thought we had done everything we were ‘supposed’ to…and still ‘it’ didn’t ‘t work out. Perhaps it is relationship or some task. Perhaps we felt we were a disappointment to parents or spouse?


Each day we have the opportunity to face our disappointments and to turn them into something even more fruitful. I was disappointed not to see Saturn or Jupiter because of the rain, but I saw a most magnificent light show across the purpled sky. Children are frequently disappointed because they are told one thing and then the adults do otherwise. Sometimes this cannot be helped…sometimes it can.


There are many stories from Scripture that imply at least disappointment…but they also show us a new beginning. Finding Jesus in the Temple, for example, reminds us to pay attention to what is most important. Mary and Joseph were so worried and disappointed that Jesus was not with them on their journey home. They had to travel a whole day back to the city to find him and when they did he was in the temple teaching. They were disappointed he had not been with them; they rejoiced at finding Him and they learned new aspects of the fullness of His mission.


If you run into big disappointment:  breathe. After that begin to ask yourself some questions:  what is most important; how should I proceed; and is God served by this project/whatever??? If indeed God has closed that door…look for the window He has cracked open. If it is of God you need not be disappointed for very long. Trust he will show you the way forward.


Fr Anthony de Mello,sj, shares this:

A traveller lost in the desert was disappointed and despaired of ever finding water. He struggled up and down the hills and looked everywhere. No good. He tripped over a strong bush and landed on the ground. He lost all his energy and thought he would not survive. While lying there he experienced the silence of the desert. He raised his head…he heard something…: the far-off sound of running water. He arose and kept moving till he arrived at that stream of cool fresh water.