CNRC D.U.O. Club recognize staff members

Submitted by Loretta Fields


Each month, the members of Choctaw Nursing and Rehabilitation Center’s D.U.O. Club (Do Unto Others) nominate a nursing home staff member that they wish to recognize for their contributions to the residents and staff of CNRC.

The D.U.O. Club was created as a part of the Safe and Sound Program of CNRC to promote resident directed interests. The Club was founded on the belief that it is just nice to do unto others! To date, the D.U.O. Club has honored the following Choctaw Nursing & Rehabilitation Center team members: May-Ms. Ruby Peninger, June-Ms. Rose Edwards, and July-Ms. Nita Foust.


The recipients received a certificate of appreciation, a thank you card signed by residents and fellow staff, and a $10.00 cash prize. The D.U.O. Club president, Ms. Sandra Shumaker, feels that it is important for the residents to have a way to give special recognition to staff members who routinely go above and beyond for the nursing home residents and their fellow co-workers.