Write On

By sister alies

For most of my life, well at least since I was seven or so, I have paid attention to and loved the STARS! I won’t say I really know a lot about this planet or that moon. What I do know is that things are created beautifully in relationship with each other and that the Creator is a great artist!


Last week and in the months past, you might have read in our paper, about the presentations at RAINWATER out near French Camp. Well last night was the SUMMER SKY and it was awesome. David Teske gave the presentation before walking up the gentle hill to the telescopes.


Well, that’s how it was supposed to be. After interviewing David, and I’m going to share some of that with you, we all looked avidly forward to seeing Saturn and Jupiter!!! What we got were very deep greys in the sky and a most amazing light show. Nope, no telescopes last night…but it isn’t called RAINwater for nothing!


We did have a wonderful 45minute presentation by David, retired science teacher and astronomer. The highlights were the summer sky, Jupiter & Saturn; the TOTAL ECLIPSE on Aug 21 and the Perseid meteor shower on Aug 12.


If you are going to see the TOTAL ECLIPSE perhaps Nashville, St. Louis or Kansas City would be the closest places from us. Or you might like to await the TOTAL ECLIPSE in 2045 when it will flourish in our Southern skies! (there is one before that though…April 18, 2024). CNN and cable stations will cover it as well as the NASA TV channel. It will last about 2min40seconds.


REMINDER: if you are OUTSIDE DO NOT LOOK UP INTO THE SUN unless you have a pair of eclipse-glasses, a #14 welders glass, or create a pinhole projector. This is easily done by sticking a pin into a piece of paper and letting the sun shine through. You should see a crest of sun shadow on the ground.


The total eclipse means that the sun, moon, & earth all line up, the sky goes dark, and it takes about 20 minutes to go from coast to coast. If you want to see the direction of travel,  buy the ECLIPSE stamps at your local P.O. Also the stamps look one color but when touched or slightly warmed they turn another. First stamps to do that!


The Eclipse will take place just after 1 p.m. and here we will hardly notice…but the sky will darken and we will have shadows about like 4 p.m. It was 99 years ago that a TOTAL ECLIPSE went coast to coast in the USA.


I find this amazing: the moon is 400x SMALLER than the sun. The sun is 400x FURTHER from the earth than the moon SO…they appear the same size! This is the only place in the solar system where this happens!


The next event, however, is the PERSEID METEOR SHOWER on Aug 12 (the peak, so you might get a few the nights before and after). Be looking after midnight for maybe 15 meteors an hour. Get away from as many city lights as possible!


Maybe next time we’ll see Jupiter & Saturn…and, of course, we heard the thunderous thunder boom and boom! What power, what kinda scary, what joy!


RAINWATER, SECOND FRIDAY OF EACH MONTH, 7 p.m. Last night there were over 85 folks! Great job, David!