Dollar General remodel offers customers healthier food options

By Daniel Brunty

The Choctaw Plaindealer


The customers of Dollar General in Ackerman had their requests granted for more variety in the store following the company’s decision to remodel it to accommodate fresh produce, more grocery items, and more.

Dollar General, located at 267 MS Hwy 15 in Ackerman, held its Grand Re-opening June 17 to celebrate the remodeling. Many customers of the store have made requests to the staff of the store to bring in more grocery items, such a fresh produce, to give them more of a variety when shopping.


Hearing the requests of her customers, Store manager Vicky Groceman did her part in making the customers’ request a reality for them.

“Our customers had already sent multiple requests to our corporate offices to expand our food section as well as to offer fresh produce,” Groceman said. “I also kept telling our corporate offices that we need produce because this is what your customers are asking for.”


With the corporate offices receiving so many requests, they responded in kind by sending representatives to the store.


“What happened when the company first came into the store they took measurements and made the decision that in this particular town the sales of our clothing department was not doing as well as the sales of our food items,” Groceman said.


In learning what their customer base wanted, corporate officials could now use the information to determine how they could add the items.


“We informed them that our particular customer base was reflecting more women who were seeking healthier options for their diets,” Groceman said. “That is why the produce section being added would be a huge asset to the customer base of Ackerman.”


Once these things were determined, a plan of action was put into place.


“Along with the customer base and us going to corporate letting them know this is what the customers want, we were finally given the okay to add a produce section,” Groceman said.


With major changes in their plan of action, the staff of the store as well as assisting teams of workers came together to complete the hefty task.


“The actual remodeling process started eight weeks before our grand re-opening,” Groceman said. “The remodel began May 29 and we stay closed until June 1. They actually installed the coolers while the customers were in the store, which was one week prior to the remodel. It was a large undertaking, but we were able to remodel this entire store in three days.


Groceman described some of the work that was done, as well as the major changes within the store.


“To incorporate the produce section, we actually removed the hanging apparel and the shoe racks,” Groceman said. “However, we were able to leave the undergarment apparels as well as make the addition of offering Mossy Oak apparel that is geared toward the hunters in the community. We also expanded our seasonal sections, such as summer items.


“One of the most noticeable expansions was of our cooler section. We did that so that the customers would have more variety in the town when they shopped. Before this, most customers had only one option.”


Following the remodeling, the Dollar General staff and management are pleased with the changes, and hope that their customers will love them just the same.


“I want to tell our customers that we appreciate their business,” Groceman said. “We are here to serve our customers, and that is our number one priority.”


Dollar General store hours are from 8 a.m. until 10 p.m. Monday through Friday.






Dollar General in Ackerman recently remodeled its store to give its customers a larger variety of grocery items. During the remodel the store expanded its cooler section to provide even more food options for its customers to purchase.


Dollar General now offers fresh produce in its newly added produce section that was constructed during the store’s remodeling that took place May 29 through June 1. Stocking the produce section is the store’s new Produce Manager Tracy Cook.