Veteran Honors Those Who Served in his Adopted Hometown

Submitted by C. J. Johnson

A resident of Weir, a Vietnam Air Force veteran, found a way to honor his fellow vets who are buried in the Weir Presbyterian Cemetery.  After researching this cemetery, he discovered at least 55 veterans were laid to rest or remembered there.

As the town of Weir, and the Weir Presbyterian Church were not founded until 1884, there are no Revolutionary War, War of 1812, or early Indian War soldiers buried there, to my knowledge.  The earliest war represented is the Mexican War (1846-1848) and the most recent war represented is Vietnam.  On Memorial Day Weekend, the veteran with an idea placed an American Flag on the graves of the 55 known veterans.

Those buried in this cemetery include Garriel H. Heatwole (1824-1893), a veteran of the Mexican War and the Civil War;  William Hooker Power (1843-1915), a private in Company I, 15th Mississippi Infantry; Colonel John Weir (1833-1900), who formed his own company, which was included in the 15th Mississippi Infantry; Henry Walton Worrell, (1897-1917), son of T. M. and S. J. Worrell, who died at Camp Beauregard, Louisiana, as America was entering the Great War (WWI); Grover C. Eddleman (1888-1958),  Pvt., Medical Department in WWI; SSgt Harold M. Power (1916-1945), with the 313 AAF Troop Carrier GP, World War II; Willis Nail (Bill) Kite (1922-1950),MS Tec 5 865 ORD HAM Co, WWII;  William Chester Stacy (1927-1982), PFC U. S. Army, Korea; William Burl Balentine (1931-2003), Cpl. U. S. Army, Korea; Sgt. Adron Allen Sanders (1939-1979), U. S. Marine Corps, Vietnam.

Listed below are the other veterans buried in the Weir Presbyterian Cemetery who have been identified:  WORLD WAR I – Darris A. Howell, John Robert Rodgers, John T. Irving, William Roy Pollard,  Richard Freeman Miller, William Hector Smith, Lillian Walter Hudspeth, Grover C. Eddleman, Hale C. Booth, William E. Atkinson, James C. Haynes; WORLD WAR II – Thomas Earl Wilson, Franklin Doyle Lucas, Leroy Henry Kite, William Glen Oliver, Clyde Shelby Lollar, Gerald Lee Bond, John Winston Weir,  Emmit C. Moore, Johnnie Burage Coleman,  William Whitten Huffman, Howell Watson Henson, James McIntyre, Henry C. Coleman, Howell Thomas Johnson, William Marvin Smith, William H. Strawbridge, James Clarence Stevenson, Seabern Atkinson, William H. Atkinson, Wilber Vale, John Earl Wells; KOREA  – Bernard H. “Bud” Fox, J. A. Garey, Charles W. Power; Other Veterans –  Quarles Leman Ray, Charles W. Ferguson, Charles Milton Youngblood, Andrew J. Adams, Allen C. Kimbrell, Hugh Howard Weir, Francis Shelby Gilbert, Sr., James Monroe Youngblood, Jr.; CIVIL WAR – James Weir, John Joseph Lever, J. M. Youngblood.

If any other veterans are known to be buried in this cemetery, please contact me at and include information about the veteran, branch of service, war or era (Civil War, WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, etc.)  Information will be passed along to the veteran who initiated this project as soon as possible, so that more flags will be flying in the Weir Presbyterian Cemetery on July 4th and Veterans Day.