County continues steady decrease in unemployment rates

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As the entire state of Mississippi continues to decrease its unemployment rate, Choctaw County also followed suit as it posted its lowest rates in 27 years.


Choctaw County’s unemployment rate (not seasonally adjusted) for the month of April 2017 was 3.7 percent, which was a 0.6 percent decrease from the March 2017 rate of 4.3 percent. This has been the county’s lowest rate in 27 years according to Mississippi Department of Employment Security Summary of unemployment rates for the years 1990 forward page located at

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In the entire state of Mississippi, Choctaw County ranks #11 in lowest unemployment rates.
Mississippi’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate was 5.0% in April, tying the lowest level since January 1976 when the current method of calculating state unemployment rates started.  Since 1976 the Mississippi rate has been 5.0% in ten months but never lower.

The April 2017 rate is one-tenth of a percentage point lower than a month earlier in March and a percentage point lower than a year ago in April 2016, when the rate was 6.0%.


Seasonally adjusted data removes the effects of events that follow a more or less regular pattern each year such as the influences of weather, holidays, the opening and closing of schools, and other recurring seasonal events. These adjustments make it easier to observe the cyclical and other non-seasonal movements in a data series. Amounts are seasonally adjusted at the National and State levels only.


Mississippi’s not seasonally adjusted unemployment rate for April 2017 was 4.3 percent, decreasing three-tenths of a percentage point from the previous month’s rate of 4.6 percent. When compared to the April 2016 rate of 5.2 percent, the rate decreased nine-tenths of a percentage point. The number of unemployed decreased 4,800 over the month, while the employed total increased 7,000 from the prior month.


The unadjusted rate of unemployed people in Choctaw County for April 2017 was 140, with 3,630 being employed. In March 2017, Choctaw County had 160 people unemployed, with 3,560 being employed.
The Labor Force, which is made up of everyone who has a job or is looking for a job, increased in April by 3,500 to 1,306,200.  Over the year since April 2016, the Labor Force grew by 25,400.  In April 2017 the Labor Force was the largest since September 2012.
The number of people working in Mississippi rose in April by 4,600 to 1,241,500.  For the year since April 2016, employment in our state posted a healthy increase of 36,900.  In April 2017 more people were working in Mississippi than at any time since January 2001.

The number of unemployed Mississippians fell in April by 1,100 to 64,700.  Over the year since April 2016, the number of Mississippians without jobs fell by 11,500.  In April 2017 fewer Mississippians were unemployed than at any time since June 1999.

A separate survey of employers indicated that the number of non-farm jobs declined slightly in April by 400 to 1,144,900.  Over the year since April 2016, the number of non-farm jobs increased by 700.


For the month of April 2017, thirty-six counties in Mississippi posted unemployment rates less than or equal to the state’s rate of 4.3 percent. Rankin and Union Counties posted the lowest unemployment rate for the month of April at 3.0 percent followed by DeSoto and Lamar Counties at 3.2 percent.


Issaquena County had the highest unemployment rate for April at 11.1 percent followed by Jefferson County at 11.0 percent.
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