‘Mitchell Dental Cares’ a huge success!

Submitted by Jamie McHan

Mitchell Dental Clinic

Mitchell Dental Clinic in Ackerman recently held their annual charity event ‘Mitchell Dental Cares.’  The event took place for the 10th year in a row this past Friday, May 5th.  

Mitchell Dental Clinic provided FREE dental work to 150 patients. All 150 patients had a FREE x-ray and exam, along with their choice of a FREE filling, extraction or cleaning.  

“Mitchell Dental Cares is my way of giving back to the community and helping people who are in need of dental work”, said Dr. David Mitchell.  

Mitchell Dental Clinic has helped over 1,350 patients through this annual event. Patients began lining up at 12:00 a.m. to claim their place in line. Nearly 100 patients were awaiting the large staff of volunteers who began arriving at 6:30 a.m. to process the patients.  

Along with Dr. Mitchell, associates Dr. Chris Carlton, Dr. Heather Vanpelt, and Dr. Mark Breland came to lend their hands.  Local supporters such as Subway and Miner’s Diner in Blackhawk Truck Stop supplied food for the volunteers; and as they do each year, while Southern Belle provided the volunteers with special event t-shirts.  

Mitchell Dental Clinic would like to thank those showing their support and the patients who came out for the event.  Mitchell Dental offers 150 spots for the day and was very pleased to fill those this year.  A total of over $51,000 of free dentistry was provided.  

Be on the lookout next May for another great day of free dentistry at Mitchell Dental Clinic where ‘We can’t wait to see you’!