Charging forward at Choctaw County High School

Submitted by Amber Vowell

Choctaw County High School

Choctaw County High School keeps charging forward each year by providing quality education and extracurricular activities, which helps the school graduate productive citizens each year. Year after year, the school seems to grow and create innovative ways for students to learn and succeed.

CCHS started the new year with a new principal. Kenny Roye joined the Chargers last summer and has led the school throughout the year. When he became the new principal, he encouraged new programs to begin at CCHS. Archery and Cross Country teams were created and have competed this school year. The students at CCHS were excited about the new sports and have embraced the competitions.

CCSH also saw a new face at the ballgames this year. The mascot, a horse, came to cheer on the Chargers at the football games and even made appearances at a few Volleyball games. Everyone in the community enjoyed seeing the dances and entertaining gestures of the new mascot.


The athletic teams, band, and chorus have competed and shown great sportsmanship in their endeavors this school year. The Madrigals, under the direction of Sue Tarver, headed to Six Flags in Atlanta, Georgia, to sing and enjoy the park. This was a trip that was well deserved after the group and many others from CCHS rated superior at its District Choral Competition. Additionally, two of our students’ standout athletic ability has allowed them to continue playing sports on the college level. Makenzie Toombs will be playing softball at ICC and Woody Vowell will be playing baseball at ECCC.

Soon, CCHS will send another senior class on its way and enjoy graduation. This year we hope to increase the amount of scholarship money that is received by the senior class. Also, we hope to see an increase in the number of students to go to college. We will recognize the seniors who received these scholarships at the Awards Program on May 10th at 9 a.m. One Senior, Woody Vowell, will be recognized for receiving the STAR Student award for having the highest ACT score in his senior class. He will salute his pick for STAR Teacher, Shelia Johnson, a teacher at Ackerman Elementary School.

CCHS hopes to continue their tradition of success each year and depends on the support of the community in order to accomplish this goal. Thank you to all who support our school and the district. Thank you for allowing us to “Keep Charging Forward!”