Requesting submissions for Profile 2017

The Choctaw Plaindealer is gearing up for its 2017 Profile Edition premiering late March. The Plaindealer’s Profile Edition is our biggest edition of the year, packed with articles and pictures regarding the county’s main happenings over the past year as well as upcoming events and feature stories.

The newspaper staff is currently in the process of researching content for this year’s edition and are asking for your assistance in its creation. If you have an article or content you find newsworthy, we are asking that you submit it for the upcoming Progress edition.

It will be your choice of what content you would like to include. You may also include pictures to accompany your article, or you amy submit an individual photo with some descriptive information for publication.

Here are some guidelines for submitting information and/or photos to The Choctaw Plaindealer:

  1. Your news should answer the following questions:

◦ Who was / is involved?

◦ What happened / will happen?

◦ When did it / will it happen?

◦ Where did it / will it happen?

◦ How did it / will it happen? (‘How?’ is not always relevant.)

  1. Summarize the answers to these questions. Do this in one or two sentences of the first paragraph.
  2. Include your most interesting and quotable material in the second and third paragraphs.
  3. Provide some brief background information about your group:

◦ Who you are?

◦ What your objectives are?

◦ What you have already accomplished?

  1. Make sure your press release contains contact information is in the email.
  2. Make sure we receive your information by Friday of the week before

you want your news to run. The best way to send us your news is by

email. Please send your information to and

  1. Please contact us after you send your news at (662) 285-6248 to make sure we received it. We aim to reply to every email with a received comment.

If sending photos please follow these guidelines:

For print production, a photo’s resolution should generally be 300 dpi. If you don’t have available means of checking, here are some general hints:

  1. Photos taken from web pages (or processed for use on web pages) are

usually unuseable. These are generally just 72 dpi, and the file size is most often 20-50 KB. (On a PC, use the “Details” view to see the size of a file.)

  1. If you are using a picture-viewing application to initiate the email, make sure you use the highest-quality setting. (The default usually creates smaller versions of a photo, meant only for on-screen viewing.)
  2. If possible, try to locate the original photo file on your hard disk andattach it to a fresh email. Check the size of the file first (“Details” view on a PC). If it is under 75 KB, it will most likely be unusable for the

newspaper. From 75 to 150 KB may be OK for head-and-shoulders (portrait) photos. Other kinds of photos should be significantly larger (over 300 KB, as shown in the “Details” view).

  1. If you are sending the original image file and the file itself is still

small according to the guidelines in #3, your digital camera may be saving images at a reduced size (in order to store more photos on the memory card). You can change this setting on virtually all-digital cameras. For photos that meet printing requirements, cameras should be set to save images at the highest quality possible. Consult your manual, if necessary, or talk to a more experienced computer person. If taking the photo on a camera phone always have it set to largest image size and always send as actual size when given the choice of how and what size to send.

  1. Include in your e-mail the full names of each person in the photo (from left to right), the name of the event with date

We want this year’s edition to be our best, and we feel with your assistance we can make this possible.

If you have any questions please contact our office at (662) 285-6248 or email