DNow 2017 held

By Jason Stewart

“Devoted”. Everyone is devoted to something in this world we live in. Some are devoted to family while others are devoted to material things. What we are devoted to tends to be what we spend the most time doing. “Devoted” was the theme of our third “Community DNow” (Disciple Now). This event originally involved churches in Choctaw County, but it has now grown to include churches from the surrounding area as well.

This year’s event was held on February 10th and 11th and was hosted by Enon Cumberland Presbyterian Church. There were around 250 youth and adults from nine different churches and multiple denominations. This year those participants took part in multiple mission activities around the town of Ackerman. Groups walked around town to pray over businesses and residential homes. Broken Wings allowed youth to sort canned goods, clean, and do some painting around the facilities.

The Choctaw County Nursing Home welcomed groups who sang old time hymns and visited with the residents. Some groups worked at Ackerman Elementary by raking leaves in the learning park, while others organized a fun day for children to come and play games with the teenagers. You might have also noticed the free car wash at the Old Chevrolet parking lot where youth washed at least 50 cars, but more importantly they prayed with the occupants of each car.  

The Speaker this year was Landon Dowden from Tupelo and the worship band was “The CrossPoint Band” from Starkville. There were also several BSU students from MSU that helped lead small group devotions throughout the weekend. Each sermon and small group devotion was developed around the idea of being more devoted to God and more devoted to sharing His love with others (in your home, at your school, and to anyone you come in contact with). A special thanks goes to Ackerman Elementary School, Broken Wings and Choctaw Nursing Home for giving us the opportunity to serve at your locations. The different events of this weekend should remind each of us that there are always places to serve in our community. All we need to do is choose to be “Devoted” to something other than ourselves.