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Don’t Go Changing

Lisa Harris

They say the mind is the first thing to go, and I believe this must be true. I say this because I wrote a nice Christmas article and then forgot to send it in. I guess I can save it for next year. Perhaps I need to take some of that medicine that is made from jellyfish to help with memory loss. If it cost too much, I could just go straight to the jellyfish and stick it to my tongue like my middle child did the summer before last. I assume the only thing I would remember though would be to only do that once. I don’t recall it being a pleasant experience for him.      

At the first month of the year, everyone seems eager to hit the gym and get that New Year’s  body. I figure that will eventually fizzle out, and they will all wind up back at Starbucks with their lattes and muffins working on their muffin tops. I prefer to embrace my muffin top. I figure I worked hard to get it.    

A scale is an object that I do not own, because I choose not to depress myself. It’s all about mind control.  Perhaps I have a disorder similar to anorexia but to the opposite extreme.  An anorexic looks in the mirror and sees a fat person even though they are a twig. When I look in the mirror, I see a person who looks just fine even though I am probably somewhat chunky. It is called the positive attitude plan. Maybe it’s delusional, but it works for me.

By the middle of the year most will have aborted their plan for a hard body. They will binge to make up for the depravation. Who is the delusional one now? Actually, I have scientific evidence that diets and resolutions don’t work. I have never seen a person lose weight who did not put it back on plus some more. I figure if you don’t worry about it, you can save yourself the trouble of putting on extra weight in the long run. Call me crazy, but we are talking science.   

This New Year, don’t go messing around with your metabolism. It is beneficial to exercise, but you know you are not going to eat chicken, fish, and salad for the rest of your lives. You are going to lose weight then when you get to where you want to be, you will go back to your previous eating habits. You will gain the weight back plus some more. Just stop with this nonsense! Look in the mirror and give a smile and say, “You look marvelous! I wouldn’t change a thing.”


That’s Life

By Ruth Nowlin

In times past I have vaguely mentioned that “Growing old is not for sissies.”  This is not an original quotation, neither is it mine, but it is so true.  Picture a car. When it is new everything works fine.  No problems or surprises. (I hate surprises.) Let a couple of decades roll past and the miles roll up and everything changes.

When she was new she was polished and shined almost every day and heaven forbid that a leaf fell on it or brushed past.  The most minuscule scratch could case extreme anguish.  Much like the pimple or sunburn of teen years. We though the blemish would last forever and be permanent.  The least little rattle or strange sound with our car took us straight to  the mechanic to find the huge problem and fix it.  Nothing wrong, probably just the roads  in this part of the country.

      Fast forward to another decade or so.  Now real problems set in.  The brakes need work, the windshield wipers are shot, and the windshield needs replacing.  By now the tires have been replaced more than once, the headlights are out, the motor needs a complete overhaul and the transmission is shot.  The old girl costs more to maintain and keep up than she is worth.  Now you thought I was talking about my old car all this time.  Not so.


In my youth I could work all day, play most of the night and still get up bright and full of energy.  My hair was shiny, my teeth bright and there were no wrinkles, “spare” tires, or need for glasses.  My feet were in good shape, no corns, calluses or fallen arches.  I thought this would last forever.  Then the years passed, not slowly either. The miles flew by.

The last time I coasted in for a checkup I was informed that I needed a complete recycling  and makeover just to tread water.  The lines and wrinkles have taken over my face, my hair has disappeared along with my teeth and eyesight, the pounds have added triple spares around my middle, my feet have taken on shapes I don’t recognize and my entire anatomy has gone south.  Those wingflaps that I jiggled on my  Ma somehow have reincarnated and taken over my  upper arms.  I am not me anymore.  That lovely, shiny 1937 model is now a 2017 antique, wreck.  I am a sissy.  I want the old model back!

Now, to top this off for the past couple of weeks I was triple blindsided.   I think I must have landed in one of those freeway pileups.  I  felt that way anyhow.  First I took a relapse of the shingles.  I thought you couldn’t have them if you took the shot.  Wrong!  Then I took an upper  respiratory infection with the constant cough and fever.  Nice.

Then, remember our little Wobbles – three. We just lost the first one.  The other  two  had epileptic fits quite often and began to get worse.  One of them had six in one day and two that night.  The other had several that day and night.  One of the  fits ended with me being scratched really badly and deep on my right arm.  The next day the scratches were badly swollen, infected and red streaks going up  my  arm.  Trip to the doctor, shots, medication and home.  We took  the other two Wobbles and had them put down. Now I am completely lost.  You can’t have animals that consume your life day and night for almost seven years and not feel you are in an alien life when they suddenly are gone.

The medication tore up my stomach, I found I was allergic to it  and developed huge whelps.  Itching, itching ITCHING!  I threw away the  medication. The cure was worse than the problem.  That was two weeks ago.

I am still coughing, the  itching is better, the wounds have almost healed and the shingles are almost  gone. Repairs have been made but we are still dealing with an old model vehicle.  I don’t know any other solution except keep  on rolling along and watch out for the bumps and rough places in the road.  Let the fast drivers take the fast lane and enjoy the rest of the trip. I think fast driving and rough roads are a lot of the problems.

I’m  sticking to the country roads with few curves and hills and lots of resting stops.  Maybe there are a few more good  miles left in the old girl.  Me and my car.

… and that’s life.


God’s Love

By Evangelist Francie Hemphill

God’s love is like a bouquet of long stemmed roses, it is beautiful to the one who beholds it. Happy birthday Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. We will always remember what you did for all mankind, your love was stronger than hate.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was born on January 15, 1929. He was an American Baptist minister and activist who was a leader in the Civil Rights Movement. He is best known for his role in the advancement of civil rights using non-violent civil disobedience based on his Christian beliefs. Dr. King had a dream and it is up to us to keep the dream alive.

I want to say Happy Birthday to my granddaughter Miss Kenya Leigh Allen who is turning eight years old on January 16. Miss Kenya Leigh shared her late grandma Mrs. Ivy Allen’s birthday also. R.I.P. we will always love you.

Genesis 3:1 Now the serpent was more crafty than any of the wild animals the Lord God has made. He said to the woman, Did God really say, you must not eat from any tree in the garden. Satan is a smooth talker, you must listen close to her the slick talking lies he is speaking. Satan you are already defeated and I put you under my feet.

Fancher Hill and Bethlehem churches invite you to all of our services. Dr. Andrew and First Lady Versia Fair are our spiritual leaders. I want to encourage you to go to somebody’s church and be a part of the body of Christ.

Francie loves you but I got to tell you the truth, JESUS IS LORD!!!