In our community

God’s Love
By Evangelist Francie Hemphill

God’s Love is like a field of sunflowers. They are beautiful to the one who beholds it.

Thank you heavenly Father for all of you goodness and mercy. I will forever praise your holy name. Romans 13:8 Owe no man anything, but to love one another hath fulfilled the law.

When we love every man we are fulfilling the law. You may ask what has love got to do with it. Jesus said it was love that nailed him to the cross, Jesus did something no other could do. Thank you for your love Jesus. You paid it all and I am so thankful.

Mr. Melvin, Mr. Sergio, AJaye, Kenya Leigh and I pray that your day will be filled with the blessing of the Lord. Fancher Hill and Bethlehem churches invite you to all our services. Pastor Dr. Andrew and First-Lady Versia Fair are our spiritual leaders. Love your spiritual leaders enough to lift them up in prayer.

If you don’t know Jesus as your Lord and Savior this would be a great day to invite him in your heart.

Francie loves you, but I got to tell you the truth. Jesus is Lord!!!

Distant Memories of Summer
By Lisa Harris

When the kids were younger, we would go swim at Lake Tiak O’khata quite frequently over the summer. We would also take a beach vacation with the extended family. Due to a couple of grandchildren serving in different capacities like the National Guard and the Peace Corps, the beach trip was a distant memory this past summer. I did manage to take my own kids to the beach over spring break. I can thank Visa Chase Card for that excursion. Now this establishment wants to remind me every month that I owe them money plus interest, and they know how to find me. It seems I may have made a deal with the devil when using credit. They are kind of like the mafia. They do you a favor and you do them a favor plus some, so they don’t have to whack you. The young one worked construction over most of the summer. He needs to stay busy because idle time is the devil’s playground as they say. He did find some time for nonsense. I couldn’t keep him occupied 24/7. It seems he was bored with his God given natural dirty blonde hair, so he went to a reputable beautician known as the Dollar General store and bought some hair dye. Apparently they dye hair on the side at the snow cone shack when they aren’t making snow cones. I found myself speechless when he came into view. The color on the box read Golden, but it was more of a reddish yellow hue on his head. He wore a hat most of the time, but he seemed quite proud of his experiment. One day he decided to get a haircut and to tone his color a bit. He went to a place called Sally’s where they sell better hair care products. He read the directions and made his hair more blonde and less yellow. It looks better now, but I still prefer his original natural color. I guess you have to choose your battles though.



Summer did involve one tubing trip on the Bogue Chitto River and a trip to the Indian Fair and the Neshoba Fair. If I weren’t usually living in between middle class and poverty, I would buy a cabin at the Neshoba Fair. They are really cool looking and colorful. I think they cost a pretty penny though. They are a tad out of my price range. I already owe the Chase Mafia as I previously mentioned. My youngest went to both fairs with me, but he did not want to go to the river. Back in the day, this would have been exciting to him. It seems that all teens come to the belief that they are too cool to be with parents. Then when you least expect it they want to snuggle or curl up next to you like a toddler. Teens are strange creatures. I used to be one, but my memory fails me. I’m sure I made only good decisions, but my mother would probably dispute this.



The summer has come to an end. It used to go from Memorial Day to Labor Day, but now we barely get the month of June and July and the tail end of May. By August, it is time to return. I don’t know what that’s all about, but somebody needs to investigate who stole part of summer! A reward will be offered if it can be found!