Letter to Editor

I wanted to write a letter thanking all stakeholders of Ackerman Elementary School. The past thirteen years have gone by very quickly, and I enjoyed each and every day at AES. I took the responsibility of helping to lead a school very seriously, and we accomplished many goals and received many awards since 2003. The focus was always what is best for the students, and I thank those of you that entrusted the AES staff and me with your children. I have always had a heart for young people, and I may just be able to connect with them because some say that I’m just a big kid myself. Through the job, I was able to make many friends (staff and parents) along the way that I will always cherish.

I have now changed jobs and I am not just working with AES but with and for all of the students, parents, and citizens of Choctaw County. I was a student at French Camp Elementary many years ago. I lived in the Bywy community on Highway 9 for several years. I lived in Weir for quite some time and taught and coached at Weir Attendance Center. I finally arrived at Ackerman and, as I stated earlier, I was able to be a part of Ackerman Elementary School for the past 13 years. So as you can see, I have a background that allows me to have ties with each area of the county and this has built my love for what I feel is definitely the heart of Mississippi.

Please be assured that I have the people of Choctaw County in mind, but most importantly the students, as I assist others in keeping the Choctaw County School District as one of the top school districts in our state.


Glen C. Blaine