Jail Docket

The Choctaw County Sheriff’s Department filed 45 miscellaneous incident reports and 14 incident offense reports last week.

7/15/16 Daquan Meaders B/M 11/11/96 WPD Petit Larceny & Poss. of Controlled Substance

7/17/16 Travis Sean Hunt W/M 10/19/92 CSO Escape Jail Facility & Felony Resisting Arrest

7/17/16 Janalvin Mosley B/M 7/6/84 MHP Speeding, No Insurance, Possession Misdemeanor, Possession Felony, & No D.L.

7/19/16 Daquan Meaders B/M 11/11/96 CSO Auto Burglary

7/19/16 James Campbell W/M 2/6/74 CSO Improper Equipment/Expired

7/21/16 Joey McClain W/M 10/15/70 CSO Possession of Controlled Substance