County selects Adams as new Fire Coordinator

By Chuck Bailey

The Choctaw Plaindealer

Blaine Adams, a lieutenant with the Grenada Fire Department and an Ackerman Volunteer Fireman was named Choctaw County’s’ newest Fire Coordinator at the regularly scheduled meeting of the Choctaw County Board of Supervisors Monday, April 18.

The motion was made by District 4 Supervisor, John Shumaker and seconded by District 5 Supervisor, Eric Chambers. The vote for the motion went 4-1 with District 2 Supervisor, Greg Fondren voting nay.

At first, a motion was made by Fondren to hire John Ballard as the fire coordinator. District 3 Supervisor, Chris McIntire, seconded the motion, but the motion lost 2-3.

“I’ve known John (Ballard) for a while and I believe he would make a good fire coordinator,” said Fondren. “Blaine (Adams) will make a good one too.”

“I was pleased to see we had as much response to the position that we did.”

In all, five interviewed for the position.

The new coordinator will be under the gun, to get fire ratings throughout the county lowered. One question the board posed to all who interviewed. Which in turn will lower insurance rates for property owners. The responses from the five, were anywhere from six months to one year.

“The new coordinator has one year to lower the fire ratings in each district,” said Board President and District 1 Supervisor, Joey Stephenson. Other supervisors agreed.

District 2 Supervisor, Greg Fondren made a motion to make Michael Holmes the Deputy Fire Coordinator for the county and pay him $250 per month in the special called meeting of the Choctaw County Board of Supervisors last Friday, April 9, 2016.

With Adams working for the Grenada Fire Department, there will be times when he won’t be in the county and the deputy coordinator will have to fill in if needed.


Blaine Adams is shown here in October 2014 with an Ackerman Elementary School Pre-K class teaching fire safety

“One session I have planned this upcoming month is to test all our pump trucks out at Choctaw County Lake. This will begin the process of getting our fire ratings lowered throughout the county,” said Holmes.