Choctaw County Volunteer

By: Tim “Tinker” Pritchett Ackerman V.F.D.

If You See Red Lights Flashing

On The Dash Of The Vehicle Coming From The Rear

Please Pull Over And Make Way It Could Be Your Local Choctaw County Volunteer!

We Don’t Flash Them To Be Funny Or Just To Be Seen

Were Trying To Get There As Safely And To Help Secure The Scene

We May Be Headed To A Vehicle Accident Or To Save Childs Life

Whatever It May Be It Wont Be Nice

What We Are About To Face

We Can Only Guess Because We Don’t Know

But If There Is Trouble We Will Be There

Whether It’s 110 Degrees Or 0 Below

Whenever You’re Out And About

And You See Those Red Lights Appear

Please Pull Over And Know There’s Help On The Way

Because It Could Be You Local Choctaw County Volunteer