Little Sisters offer support during DYW Program

By Ginny Lucas
Chairman Choctaw County DYW Program

Everyone needs a little encouragement and help sometime and that is just what a Little Sister offers to a Distinguished Young Woman (DYW) Participant.

DYW participants choose two ladies to serve as Little Sisters during the DYW Program. Being a Little Sister provides tenth graders and sometimes younger ladies to get an inside scoop on the

Photo By Ginny Lucas DYW Participants and Little Sisters

Photo By Ginny Lucas
DYW Participants and Little Sisters

experience. They see the behind the scenes perspective of the program, and it allows them to decide if they would like participate when they are eleventh graders. Since parents aren’t allowed backstage, Little Sisters take their place and help with wardrobe changes, hair and makeup, and provide moral support during the program.

For some extra fun, Little Sisters also perform an upbeat dance routine during the program. Because there are five contestants in this year’s “Wizard of Oz” themed event, Ten Little Sisters will be on stage Saturday, March 19th. The local program will be held at the Ty Cobb Complex and showtime is at 6:30 p.m.