Choctaw County School Board approves several items

By Chuck Bailey
The Choctaw Plaindealer

The Choctaw County Board of Education met for their regular monthly meeting Monday, November 9, 2015 at 7:00 p.m. at the Central Office Boardroom and approved several items.

School Board members present were Derek Hunt; President, Linda McDaniel, Laura Gibbs and Mike Thomas. Secretary, Clint Huffman participated via conference call.

Also in attendance were Superintendent of Education, Stewart Glen Beard, Jr., Board Attorney, Kevin Null and Administrative Assistant, Francesca McGee.

The meeting began with the adoption of the agenda, followed with the approval of minutes from last month’s meeting that was held Monday, October 12, 2015.

After a brief discussion, the board unanimously approved the financial reports.

Consent Agenda
The board then unanimously approved the following in the consent agenda:
5. 1. Approve Workshop/ Conference Requests.
Polly Fulford to Let’s Get Talking: Using AAC in the Classroom at MSU November 10, 2015.
James Catchot to Drivers Education Update/Cooperative Testing Certification
Meeting in Meridian, MS October 23, 2015 (notice of meeting was not received
until after the October meeting).
Paul Courtney, Andy Young, and James Courtney to the Mid South Baseball
Coaches Clinic in Philadelphia, MS December 4, 2015.
Keith Jeffries to MS Assessment Program Nextera Regional Training in Tupelo, MS November 11, 2015.
Brenda Little to Implementing C & CR Standards in Philadelphia, MS December 1, 2015.
Marcy McGlothin to LETRS-C3P1 in Jackson, MS December 17-18, 2015.
Sharon James to Culinary Arts Teacher Workshop in Raymond, MS November 2, 2015 (notice of this meeting was not received until after the October Board
Sharon James to the Item Alignment and Development in Starkville, MS October 19-20, 2015 (notice for this meeting was not received until after the October meeting).
Robert Black to the Item Alignment and Development Meeting at MSU October 28-29, 2015 (notice of this meeting was not received until after the October meeting).
Melody Ellis to SLP: Who Evaluating Me in Pearl, MS December 2, 2015.
Francesca McGee to Erate Roadshow in Tupelo, MS October 27, 2015 (notice of meeting was not received until after the October meeting).
Kimberly Maxwell to Alternate Academic Achievement Standards for Students with SCP in Jackson, MS December 1, 2015.
Maureen Power to Section 504: The Blueprint for Error Free Decision Making in Oxford, MS December 2, 2015.
Maureen Power and Kim Maxwell to Child Find/ Evaluation/ Eligibility in Meridian, MS December 9, 2015.
5. 2. Approve field trip requests.
CCCTC AEST to Farmtastic at MSU November 19, 2015.
CCCTC AEST to Junior FFA Retreat in Raymond, MS January 8-9, 2016.
CCHS 8th grade to McWane Science Center in Birmingham, AL December 3, 2015.
CCHS Academic Team to Brain Brawl, UMAIT, History Day at University of
Mississippi November 14, 2015, February 13, and 20, 2016.
CCHS Junior Beta Club to Aquila Theatre in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Adventures of Sherlock Homes in Meridian, MS February 12, 2016.
CCHS Seniors to Senior Class College Day at EMCC and MSU with the date to be determined.
CCHS 8th grade to a movie and lunch for perfect attendance reward November 30, 2015.
FCE students to the movies in Louisville, MS December 11, 2015 as AR and AM reward.
FCE Gifted students to the McWane Science Center in Birmingham, AL November 17, 2015.
FCE Pre – K and Kindergarten classes to Ackerman Nursing Home to perform Christmas carols December 3, 2015.
FCE 2nd grade students to the Ackerman Nursing home to perform Thanksgiving music November 18, 2015.
FCE Art Club to the Mississippi Museum of Art in Jackson, MS December 4, 2015.
WES 2nd grade to the Ackerman Nursing Home to perform Thanksgiving music program songs November 19, 2015.
WES 3rd and 4th grade to the Ackerman Nursing Home to perform Christmas program songs December 10, 2015.

WES 5th grade to Veteran’s Day music program at the Ackerman Nursing Home November 12, 2015.
5. 3. Approve resignation of Sharon Stevens to be effective December 31, 2015.
5. 4. Approve resignation of Marshall Hughes effective October 14, 2015.
5. 5. Approve the recommendation of Leslie Bell for the vacated Special Education position at CCHS pending, clear background check and verification of work experience.
5. 6. Approve Steve Denson as a substitute bus driver pending clear fingerprint and background check.
5. 7. Approve Majority to Minority transfer.
5. 8. Approve school and class fundraisers
5. 9. Approve request to salvage old school buses listed in document and sell them as scrap or for $800 apiece to interested individuals.
5. 11. Approve the request rewarding two teachers with the remainder of the band supplement as they have assumed those roles for the time being.
5. 12. Approve request to pay Mrs. Deborah Bruister’s travel, as there were unforeseen circumstances that required her to travel in her personal vehicle.
5. 13. Approve request to purchase new choir uniforms.
5. 14. Approve release of performance bond for 16-17-10 as requested by the Mississippi Forestry Commission.
5. 15. Approve recommendation from Mississippi Forestry Commission to accept the timber bid on 16-17-11. Financial
The financial agenda was also approved. The Board approved the following:
6. 1. Approve docket of claims
6. 2. Absentee report
6. 3. Substitute Report
6. 4. Approve diesel bids and the immediate payment thereof.
6. 5. Request for fixed asset disposal
The Board approved the following item unanimously. Board member, Mike Thomas recused himself from voting due to a conflict of interest.
5. 10. Approve a Collaborative Agreement Between CCSD and Millcreek of Pontotoc Schools.

The Board then adjourned until their next regularly scheduled meeting December 14, 2015 at the Central Office Boardroom. The public is invited to attend.