County agrees to consider Bfac system

By Chuck Bailey

The Choctaw Plaindealer

The Choctaw County Board of Supervisors heard about the Bfac System from representatives from the company at last weeks board meeting held in the boardroom of the Choctaw County Courthouse October 19 at 9 a.m. Bfac, which is the acronym for Buy from a christian, started out as just that, an app that church members could add to there phone that would allow them to buy items from trusted sources like members of a church. Realizing the benefits could also be used for county or city communication systems to alert their citizens of any special announcements, the company began selling the app to agencies in need of this service. Choctaw County would pay $1200 dollars per year for the basic app that would allow three county agencies to send notifications to citizens that have downloaded the app. Those agencies would be the Sherriff’s Department, Emergency Management Agency (EMA) and E 911. “I think it will be great for us to be able to notify our citizens of special alerts we need to let them know about, like tornado warnings,” said E 911 director Nita Davis. “The next step will be to get everyone to actually go and download the app.” Sheriff Cloyd Halford, EMA director Brent McKnight and Davis were present with Chancery Clerk Steve Montgomery and all five Board of Supervisors to hear information about the system presented by Bfac company officials Ricardo Junco, Director of App Development and Ronnie Rutland, Senior Business Developer. After the 30-minute presentation the Board accepted the one page contract for review and said they would let everyone know a decision in the very near future. Currently the City of Flowood and Brandon use Bfac. This would be the first application of this kind for a county. Currently, the county uses a calling system notification that only allows 25 numbers be loaded into it at a time and thus it limits any notifications that are sent out into the county. After those numbers are notified then comes the task of loading the next set of 25 numbers into the system until everyone is notified. A very time consuming task. In the case of an emergency, the time to do this could be a factor according to officials. With the Bfac notification everyone who downloads the app would receive a notifications at the same time. As stated last week in the newspaper, the Board of Supervisors approved pay raises for the Sherriff’s Department employees. A three percent raise had already been approved but to bring several employees up to current standards the board approved the following raises. Employee 91 went from $13.39 to $15.45 per hour. Employee 47 went from $11 to $14 per hour. Employee 42 went from $10 to $11 per hour. Employee 10 went from $13.39 to $15 per hour. Employee 29 went from $10.30 to $11. per hour. Employee 498 went from $14.42 to $15.45 per hour. Employee 579 went from $9.79 to $11 per hour. Employee 24 went from $11.33 to $15 per hour. In other business that was unanimously approved by all five supervisors: A motion was made by District One Supervisor, Archie Collins to approve the claims of 4 County EPA in the amounts of $46.70, 214.31, 485.54, 254.83, 223.50, 72.43, 75.67 and order the Clerk to settle by means of pay warrants. A motion was made by Archie Collins to recognize the bus turn-around list submitted by the Choctaw County School Board for the 2015 school year. A motion was made by District Two Supervisor, Larry McClain to approve two permits to Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT) for improvements to the Hospital property along Mississippi highway 12 and authorize the President of the Board of Supervisor’s; District Three Supervisor, Chris McIntire, to sign on the Board’s behalf. A motion was made by District Four Supervisor, David Carter to approve the extension of the CSPIRE wireless contract as submitted and authorize the President, Chris McIntire, to sign on the Board’s behalf. A motion was made by Supervisor Larry McClain to recognize the aging report of the Solid Waste Department as presented. District Five Supervisor, Eric Chambers, made a motion, to approve the claim of 4 County EPA in the amount of $26.83 and order the Clerk to settle by means of a pay warrant. A motion was made by Eric Chambers to move Glinda Whitmire to Deputy E 911 Director and set her pay at $12 per hour at the request of the E 911 Director, Nita Davis. The Board adjourned and set to meet again Friday, October 30 at 9 a.m. in the boardroom of The Choctaw County Courthouse to complete the October Session. The public is invited to attend. Due to newspaper deadlines, the Final Amended Budget for the 2014-2015 fiscal year and explanation of categories will be in next week’s publication.