Kindergarten students visit downtown French Camp

The FCE kindergarten class recently took a walk around the community.  The class visited the bakery first where they not only learned how bread is made and mailed out but got to taste some warm and delicious bread.

Next they visited the fire station and learned the many things that our fireman do, saw a fireman dressed in all of the gear and went for a climb inside the fire truck.

The  last stop was our local radio station WFCA  where each student had funrecord ing a message on the radio computer and listen to their voices. The children received WFCA pencils for a special treat.

Mrs Box, Mrs. Burchfield, and the kindergarten children would like to say a special thank you to Mr. O’Brien at the bakery, Mr. Ulerich, Mr. Akers and Mr. Donald at the fire station, and Nathan Lincolns and Jonathan Holmes at WFCA.

Kindergarten downtown FC 001 Kindergarten downtown FC 003 Kindergarten downtown FC 014