Miller withdraws nomination

By Daniel Brunty
The Choctaw Plaindealer

In the Nov. 3 General Election in Choctaw County, residents will be asked to again select a new candidate for the position of Circuit Clerk.

Choctaw County Circuit Clerk Peggy Miller recently announced that she would be withdrawing her name as the Democratic nominee for the Circuit Clerk position on the General Election ballot. She had recently won the nomination in the Aug. 4 Primary Election by defeating Paige Rabun with over 85 percent of the vote.

In a recent thank you letter posted in the Choctaw Plaindealer, Miller stated her reasons for withdrawing her nomination was for major health issues. Miller stated that she would continue to perform her duties as Circuit Clerk as long as she is able.

Miller has served the residents of Choctaw County as their Circuit Clerk for the past eight years. With no Republican candidate to face in the November General Election, Miller would have served four more years at the position if not for her withdrawal.

With Miller’s withdrawal now official, the Democratic Party has now nominated Robin Sheedy to represent them in the upcoming November General Election, while the Republican Party has nominated Amy Burdine to represent it.

State law allows any nominee to withdraw prior to the November election for several reasons. Miller has filed with the state that her health, in the written opinion of a medical doctor, would be harmful to her she continued as a candidate.