CCSD focusing on attendance

CCSD is strongly encouraging student attendance this school year. Each school has implemented an attendance incentive campaign for the months of September and October.

Research shows that student achievement is directly related to student attendance. Some facts about student achievement and attendance are: (1) Kindergarten students with chronic absenteeism learn fewer literacy and math skills than their peers who have high attendance. (2)Elementary attendance is directly related to a student’s chance to graduate on time. (3)Chronic absenteeism in high school has a negative impact on upper grade performance and post-secondary enrollment.

Ackerman Elementary perfect attendance students

Ackerman Elementary perfect attendance students

The success of our students in the CCSD is very important to us. We are excited to have the opportunity to provide them with learning opportunities on a daily basis. It is critically important for students to attend school on a consistent basis every year in order for them to take advantage of these learning opportunities. Please help your child achieve success by making sure that they are present for school each and every day.

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French Camp Elementary School’s Attendance Campaign
During the months of September and October, FCE will have an attendance challenge which will be called “Little Chargers Attendance Challenge”. The math teachers will display a graph of student attendance in their classroom. There will also be a graph in the cafeteria showing attendance by grade. Each week the grades with perfect attendance will get a “Charger” added to their grade. Students will be rewarded weekly for perfect attendance. PK & K students with perfect attendance will receive a popsicle. Students in 1st – 6th grades with perfect attendance will receive a Homework Pass. These rewards will be given from the office. The grade with the most “Chargers” at the end of each month will receive a free afternoon outside. They will also be given popcorn, drinks, and a slush.
Choctaw County High School’s Attendance Campaign

Students with perfect attendance for the month of September and October will receive the opportunity to purchase special items in the cafeteria and for break along with getting extended breaks.  The two classes with the best overall attendance will receive pizza parties at the park.  Students who achieve perfect attendance for the year will get an ID badge which allows them to enter sporting events for free.

Ackerman Elementary School’s Attendance Campaign
Ackerman Elementary School’s campaign involves a competition between the boys and the girls to see who has the highest percentage each month. The assistant principal, Mrs. Smith, will be getting a “punishment” if the boys achieve the highest attendance percentage for the month. Mr. Blaine will be receiving an awful penance from the girls if they are able to pull out the victory.

Weir Elementary School’s Attendance Campaign
WES has implemented a Positive Behavior Interventions and Support (PBIS) program. Attendance is a component of the PBIS program this year. Students will earn two “charger bucks” for perfect attendance each week which can be cashed in for rewards. Examples of rewards include homework passes, PJ day, treasure box items, King/Queen for day, extra recess time, office helper, “Pie the Principal”, and principal kisses a pig.