New adventure ahead

By Amanda McBride

It’s crazy how life changes, dreams change, new opportunities come and all of the emotions that come with change.

Change or as I like to call it a new adventure will begin this coming Monday, February 2. That day I start my new job as administrative assistant at the Choctaw County Chamber of Commerce. Yes, you read this correct; I’m leaving the Choctaw Plaindealer and going to work for the Chamber.

Leaving the Choctaw Plaindealer and newspaper is bittersweet. All I’ve ever wanted to do is write for a newspaper. Even in high school and college I knew I wanted to write for a small town newspaper. I graduated from Mississippi State University with a journalism degree. I began my newspaper career in West Point and after a few years moved to Choctaw County. Shortly after, I began working at the Choctaw Plaindealer. That was seven years ago. Wow, seven years seems like a long time but not really.

In those seven years, Choctaw County has become my home. I never knew what home felt like until I moved here.

In those seven years, you have let me tell you what the news is. You have trusted me with your stories, your lives and so much more. For weeks on end, you have trusted me to tell you how meetings went, show you pictures of school activities, become a part of history and tell your stories. I love and appreciate the people of Choctaw County for allowing me to tell the news. For a writer, it’s hard to say that I’m at a loss of words trying to describe how wonderful it has been telling the news of Choctaw County. But I am. The most important thing for me to say is, THANK YOU.

Thank you for allowing me into your life week after week via the Choctaw Plaindealer. It was been a great pleasure and I’ve learned so much from my time as the reporter/news editor at the Plaindealer. I couldn’t even begin to write how much I have learned from working here and telling the news of Choctaw County.

Some say this is a goodbye column, but I say it’s an end to being the newspaper reporter but the start of a new adventure at the Chamber of Commerce.

I will still be a part of Choctaw County, still be a part of helping and promoting Choctaw County just in a different way. The Chamber of Commerce wants to be a part of your life. We want to know what you love about our community, what you want to change and how. We want you to get involved and help us keep and make Choctaw County great.

The Choctaw Plaindealer will still be here. It’s been here for 125 years and still going strong. The paper will still bring you all of the news and much more.

Future is bright for our hometown newspaper. You need to continue bringing in news, photos and keep calling with your ideas and news tips. It takes a community to make a community newspaper. The Plaindealer will still strive to bring all of the county’s news to you. The reporter may be different but the newspaper will not be.

It’s going to be exciting to see the Plaindealer from a different perspective. I cannot wait to see all of the exciting things coming. I will be waiting on the Plaindealer each week, reading the articles, looking at the photos and learning what news we have each week.

Thank you for allowing me to serve the Choctaw Plaindealer as the news reporter. If you need me, come find me at the Choctaw County Chamber of Commerce.

Publisher’s note: We wish Amanda McBride the best of luck in hre new role in the community.