County approves fund request from Hospital Trustees

By Amanda McBride
The Choctaw Plaindealer

The Choctaw County Board of Supervisors approves to fund the Choctaw Regional Hospital $47,000 in a 4-1 vote in the November 10 meeting.

Jeff Bedford, chief financial officer for the hospital, submitted a request to the supervisors requesting $47,000 for operation and maintenance of the hospital, on behalf of the Hospital Board of Trustees.

District 5 Supervisor Eric Chambers questioned the funding request. He said the week before the supervisors had a claim for $47,000 for legal fees for the Hospital Trustees. He said the Trustees should pay for the claim out of their funds.

District 3 Supervisor Chris McIntire, also board president, stated the bottom line is that it’s a request from the Trustees for funds for the operation and maintenance of the hospital.

Mississippi law statute allows the county to support the operation and maintenance of the hospital.

McIntire also stated that the Board of Supervisors did not have a professional services contract with the law firm so the county cannot pay the claim. The contract is with the Trustees. He also reminded Chambers that the Trustees asked the supervisors to pay for the legal fees a few months ago. The board agreed but did not take any action.

After more discussion, District 1 Supervisor Archie Collins made the motion to fund the request from the hospital with a second from McIntire. The board approved the motion in a 4-1 vote. Chamber voted against it.

The supervisors also approved the transfer of $47,000 from the General Fund to Fund 131-Hospital Fund for the trustees request.

In this meeting, the board heard a presentation from Richard Allen with the MDOT Traffic Engineering Safety Circuit Program.

McIntire said the program could use federal dollars for state aid and county roads if a safety issue could be proven.

During the presentation, Allen said that out of his 33 county district, “Choctaw County has a good road system.”

His presentation includes issues or road safety, hazards, common problems and how to fix the problem.
At the end Allen said that in six years, Choctaw County has had 407 crashes reported with seven fatalities.

“That’s a really good number,” said Allen.

The Board of Supervisors also approved:
-Acknowledge eligible contractors (low bidders) fro Reform Water Association Project.
-Donation of topsoil for the Weir Dollar General site from Mike Rhodes Construction and using county trucks to haul the soil.
-To pay Mathiston Fire Department $2,850 annual fees for 19 runs in Choctaw County.
-C Spire contract.
-Travel and registration for the Supervisors Association Mid-Winter Conference for Supervisors McIntire, Carter, Collins and Chambers and Chancery Clerk, county attorney and county engineer.
-To advertise to hire a veteran’s services officer.
-Solid Waste assessments, deletions and adjustments.
-Required annual payment of $3,000 to Ron Welch for inspection of the jail.
-Payment to Crowder Engineering for work on Sanders Road Project when the $16,000 funds come in.
-The state’s final approval of the county’s land rolls.
The Board of Supervisors next meeting will be Wednesday, November 26 at 9 a.m. at the courthouse.

November 3 meeting
The Board of Supervisors held a bid opening on the LSBP box bridge replacement project on Sanders Road. Engineer’s estimate was $341,980.50

Bids received were: Anderson Contracting $346,123.62, Ausbern Construction $369,258.87, Colom Construction $457,873.90, Glasgow Construction $357,043.92, JJ Ferguson Sand & Gravel $359,919.48 and Phillips Construction $377,332.46.

After taking the bids under advisement, Marty Crowder-county engineer recommended awarding the contract to the low bidder Anderson Contracting of Yazoo City. The board approved the low bidder.

The board also approved the following:
-Corrected October minutes.
-Jail Inspection.
-Claims with exception of legal fees from the hospital board.
-To accept the lowest bids on the Reform Water Association Project contingent on the contractors not being on the debarred list.
-Section 3 plan and affirmative marketing plan as part of the county’s HOME grant application. The public hearing for the grant will be held December 1 at 11 a.m.
-Inter-fund transfer of $5,785 from District 5 to District 4 for the purchase of rock.
-Tax reduction on Shabby Shack Flea Market due to closure in 2012, as recommended by Lori Kerr, tax assessor.
-Recognize letter from the Department of Health on the jail.
-Transfer a 1975 fire truck from Union Volunteer Fire Department to Montgomery County.

October 31 meeting
The Board of Supervisors approved:
-Contract and to issue a purchase order on renovations in the tax assessor’s office. Grant funds in the courthouse renovations fund will be used for this project with as estimate of approximately $12,000.
-1 mil reappraisal has been released by the state.
-Postage request of $182 from tax assessor.
-Travel for Lori Kerr-tax assessor, deputy clerk and Steve Montgomery-Chancery clerk to homestead training in Jackson.
-Travel for Montgomery for Nov. 18-19 in Jackson for the Chancery Clerk Association training.
-To apply for a DIP grant to add parking at the hospital and redo the nursing home parking lot. The grant is $150,000 with $181,000 matching by the county of cash and/or in kind services.
-Memorandum of Understanding between the county and Choctaw Regional Hospital for the DIP grant application. The hospital commits to creating seven full-time jobs.
-Resolution to apply for the HOME grant.
-Utility agreement with AT&T on Boyd Road.
-Recognize order from bankruptcy court on Brandywine Health Systems inventory.
-Inventory deletions.
-District 3 to advertise to purchase a used backhoe.
-Recognize Sheriff Cloyd Halford’s hire of John O’Kelly as a deputy at $10 per hour.
-Recognize District 3 Supervisor Chris McIntire’s emergency hire of Terry Nowell at $12 per hour.