Cochran visits local mill while on tour

By Daniel Brunty
The Choctaw Plaindealer

U. S. Senator Thad Cochran of Mississippi toured Southeastern Timber Products sawmill in Ackerman this past Thursday
, August 28 as he continues to campaign before the November General Election for the U.S. Senate. Cochran, who has already made several campaign stops all around Mississippi while the Senate has been on its August break, has been representing Mississippi in the U.S. Senate since 1978.

Accompanying Cochran on the tour of the facility was Mill Manager Jody Webb. Webb gave Cochran information about the mill during the tour, including how their import/export operations function, as well as the everyday operations of the mill. Cochran was proud of the opportunities that the mill brings to the county and its residents.
“I am specifically focusing on those industries that have the largest impact on jobs in Mississippi,” Cochran said. “Timber and lumber industries are at the top. Poultry is another industry in our state that has a big dollar volume turnover in jobs that involve everything from hatcheries to marketing. Also agriculture is another big industry.”
Cochran gave a quick summary of what he would like to see for these industries. “Taking care of the land, making sure we protect our water resources and all the rest as we do all this is an interesting challenge, an interesting balance,” Cochran said. “That is an important part of my view of what we can do in terms of making sure that Washington regulations and federal laws serve the interest of these jobs and doesn’t threaten them.”
After meeting with more members of the staff of the mill, Cochran was back on the campaign bus to continue making rounds across the state during the Senate’s summer break as he continues to garner support for his campaign bid in November.

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Photos by Daniel Brunty Jody Webb, mill manager, explains mill processes to Senator Thad Cochran as they tour the mill at Southeastern Timber Products in Ackerman on August 28.

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