Mississippi Teen Smoking rate declines

Smoking among middle school students in Mississippi is declining. According to the Mississippi State University Social Science Research Center, in 2013 4.1 percent of middle school students were current smokers, a decrease of over 20 percent from 1998.

“It is great news to know that students in Mississippi are making good choices about their health,” said Keetha Mosley, Project Director of the Mississippi Tobacco-Free Coalition of Choctaw, Montgomery & Webster Counties. “It means the work that we’re doing, along with parents, educators and health officials, is making a difference.”

School campuses in Mississippi are also adopting tobacco-free ordinances. These ordinances help protect students and faculty from the dangers of exposure to secondhand smoke.

For more information on the dangers of tobacco use and secondhand smoke, contact the Tobacco-Free Coalition of Choctaw, Montgomery and Webster Counties at 662-283-9838 or visit www.tobaccofreems.org.