Jail docket – 08/27/14

The Choctaw County Sheriff’s Department filed 11 incident offense reports and 29 miscellaneous incident reports last week.

8/15/14     Jermaine Cork      B/M    6/17/77     CSO        Capias/ Indictment

8/15/14     Mekel Rogers      B/F      4/17/87     APD     Susp. D.L., No Ins, & No Child Restraint

8/15/14      Sandra Morgan    W/F      8/15/57     CSO   Accessory After The Fact X 2

8/15/14    Anthony Jackson     B/M     1/23/82     APD     Resisting Arrest

8/15/14    Juvonta Robinson      B/M    11/17/90    CSO     Petit Larceny

8/15/14     Rahsheida Hall     B/F      8/15/93     APD     Susp. D.L. & No Insurance

8/15/14     Willie Harrison     B/M     7/7/71     APD     No D.L.

8/15/14    Herbert Adkinson    W/M  6/27/73     CSO      Susp. D.L. & Poss. Of Beer

8/15/14    Willie Davis      B/M     10/20/74   MBN    Poss. Of Marijuana

8/15/14   George Ashford III   B/M   7/25/74     Delta 2/MHP    Bench Warrants X 2, Dui Refusal & Poss. Of Beer

8/15/14    Mickey Vaughn    W/M    10/9/68     CSO     Susp. D.L., No Proof Of Insurance, Dui 2nd & Bench Warrant

8/15/14    Dontrual Jobe     B/M    5/14/76     CSO     No D.L. & Poss. Of Paraphernalia

8/15/14    Antwain Poston    B/M     5/14/88    CSO     Sup D.L./Implied Consent, Improper Equipment & No Insurance

8/15/14    Anthony T Thompson    B/M   12/26/75     MBN     Poss. Of Marijuana

8/18/14   Philip Duckworth    W/M    12/12/55  CSO    Sentenced To 5 Years

8/18/14    Samuel Johnson     B/M    12/15/56    CSO    No D.L., No Insurance & Improper Equipment

8/18/14    Chadwick Gaston    B/M   5/17/91    APD    Susp D.L.

8/18/14    Lydia Carter      B/F    9/11/90    CSO    Susp D.L. & Improper Equipment

8/18/14   Percy Taylor Jr     W/M    9/10/66     CSO    Dui 2nd Refusal, No Insurance, Improper Equipment & Careless Driving

8/19/14    Shawna Murphy     W/F    8/29/77   CSO     Burglary Of A Dwelling & Public Intoxication, APD    FTA/Contempt X 2

8/19/14     Chris Shell       B/M      2/12/87     MHP      Poss. Of Marijuana, Poss. Of Whiskey, Failure To Yield Blue Lights, Dui 1st, No Seatbelt, Driving On Wrong Side Of The Road, Speeding, Improper Turn, Leaving The Scene Of An Accident & Hold For MDOC

Editor’s note: Unless otherwise noted or not applicable, defendants listed in this report have only been charged with the offenses listed an have not been convicted in court. The information contained herein is derived from public records.