Vaughan’s Vocabulary

Don Vaughan provides infrequently used words to strengthen your vocabulary.
For a number of years I have been a fan of the music group Chicago, which was formed in 1967 with the moniker of “The Big Thing.” The group changed

its name to Chicago Transit Authority and later condensed it to Chicago.
I hate to say this, since I am a Chicago aficionado, but I am just now getting around to listening to the album titled “Chicago II.” I am almost forty-five years late.
The album was recorded in the summer of 1969, but not released on the Columbia label until January of 1970. If you want to listen to superb music, then listen to this album. My favorites are Wake up Sunshine, Poem for the People, West Virginia Fantasies, and In the Country.
Sometimes when listening to Chicago, I think of the composer Paul Hindemith, who died fewer than ten years before the group was formed. Some of Chicago’s earlier songs reflect the style of Hindemith’s Sonata for Trumpet and Piano. I encourage you to listen to both the Sonata for Trumpet and Piano and Chicago II (available on YouTube).
1. The two songs from Chicago II that were hits are
A. A Requiem to Hindemith.
B. Make Me Smile.
C. Even the Shrew, Katharina, Cried.
D. Profundity.
E. Color My World.
2. This verb is in Poem for the People:
A. actualize
B. visualize
C. conceptualize
D. romanticize
E. theorize
3. How many albums has Chicago had so far?
A. 14
B. 15
C. 16
D. 35
E. 36
4. Which word best fits Chicago’s music?
A. eclectic
B. morose
C. minimalism
D. vibrant
E. staccato
No. 1 is B and E.
No. 2 is B. In Poem for the Poem, Robert Lamm wrote, “If the people only knew. If they could visualize, just open their eyes.”
No. 3 is E. The group’s thirty-sixth album was released earlier this summer and includes the songs Now, America, and More Will be Revealed.
Eclectic is where elements from a variety of sources or styles are used together. Morose means gloomy, melancholy. Minimalism in music is referring to minimal embellishment. Staccato is referring to music that is detached and abrupt. After listening to songs such as Saturday in the Park, Wake up Sunshine, and Feeling Stronger Every Day, vibrant is the word that comes to mind.