First Rally Alley Rumble to be held on Aug. 14

From press reports

Over the past few years there has been much discussion of how Louisville as a community could be more engaged in the Sturgis

Motorcycle Rally.  Many Winston County residents are well aware the rally has not taken place over the past couple of years and when the discussion began early this year about bringing the bike rally back, the City of Louisville and The Chamber of Commerce/Main Street realized they had an opportunity to participate in a great way by being the host city to the Thursday night entertainment.  This effort in hosting the event puts more of a spotlight on Louisville and creating an exciting opportunity for the city and county to make this a yearly tradition. Payton Taylor and Jason Miller Band were signed on for entertainment for the event.  
These plans were made prior to the disaster of April 28th and since that time Linda Skelton along with several others have met to keep the plans for the event on track.  Unfortunately, there are costs associated with hosting an event of this magnitude and the risk stands to reap much reward for our community.  The downtown concert will be held on South Columbus Avenue between Park Street and Main Street on the evening of August 14 from 7-11 p.m.  
The event is fast approaching and officials are now looking for the public’s support in the following manner:  First, help spread the word of the event and plan to attend. Second, contact Linda Skelton about sponsoring the event and if you have a banner it will be displayed somewhere in the venue for the event. Third, you can simply make a contribution of any size to the chamber to cover expenses in support of the endeavor. Fourth, volunteer to assist in promoting or gate keeping the night of the event. 
After consideration, the planning committee has established a cover charge for the event and plans to coordinate with Winston Strong about proceeds going to the rebuilding efforts of WinstonStrong. More details regarding the event will be released as they come. Officials are humbly asking for the public’s consideration in helping with this event for our community.
If you would like to volunteer or make a monetary donation to help this event become a reality, you may contact the Winston County Chamber of Commerce at (662) 773-3921, or you can contact the City of Louisville at (662) 773-9201.