Hard work blooming for Elizabeth Jenkins

By Eric Pittman
The Choctaw Plaindealer

Recognizing a hard working woman speaks volume. Women are underappreciated in the work force, so we are giving the

women a voice to see how it is from their perspective.
Elizabeth Jenkins is the owner of Forget-Me-Not Florist in Ackerman. She is married with one daughter and has been in business for 14 years. She has the privilege of having a job she truly enjoys going to everyday. She enjoyed being in the yard with her mother and grandmother cutting flowers and gained a love for it. Elizabeth then turned her hobby into a career.
Since a florist is considered a woman’s job, she does have the difficulties that most women have. Her duties are to make sure the shop is running in tiptop shape and providing the best service possible for the customers. To do this she promotes her shop, posts information on social media sites and even purchased another building to expand her brand.
Just like most women, she has to find a way to juggle home life and work and it sometimes gets challenging for her.
“I chose to raise my child at the flower shop instead of putting her in daycare,” said Elizabeth. “We had some people tell us that is not where she belongs, but I didn’t want to miss that part of her life. I didn’t want someone else to raise her and I wanted to be there with her.”
Elizabeth has received awards and recognition for her sacrifice and hard work that she puts into her business with several business of the year awards, florist of the year, awards from her florist courses and different awards by the Chamber of Commerce for businesses in town.
“(The awards) makes me thankful that people voted for us and makes me appreciative of the workers that I have because they have become our family,” said Elizabeth.
“I see them more than I do my actual family, so knowing that people put their trust in us is gratitude, thankfulness and a little humbling also. I’m very proud of the fact that we have worked hard to get to the point of becoming able to serve all of our county and the people in it.”
She loves to bring joy to peoples’ lives and brighten their day with beautiful flowers. She has taught groups such as the FFA school club and Women Christian ministry how to arrange flowers, bow making skills, and job skills. She hopes that she can pass her love and joy of flowers on to others. Although she enjoys inspiring others with her work, she has received more from her customers that she could imagine.
“There was this gentlemen who would always bring flowers and would always wonder if it was ok to bring flowers to the flower shop,” said Elizabeth. “He would talk to us and we learned a lot of life lessons. (My customers) may not be able to be in the florist aspect of doing it but their love for flowers helps me to know that what I am doing will have an affect on others.”
Confidence can help you when trying to establish yourself in life. Some people may not have the courage to step out and go for their dreams. Elizebeth has the privilege to do what she loves and encourages all working or aspiring women to do the same.
“If your heart and soul is in it and you truly love what you do then go for it,” she said. “It is worth everything as long as you want to do it, take pride in what you do, and dedicate yourself.”