A Lasting memory: When you live past a century

By Eric Pittman
The Choctaw Plaindealer

A lot has changed over past hundred years and the world continues to evolve. We have seen things we thought we would

never see. Some are historic and monumental and others not so much. Any time someone lives to be 100 is a blessing in itself.
Mrs. Carrie Mae Potts is celebrating her 104th birthday. She is from French Camp, Mississippi and was born on August 10th, 1910. She has witnessed things she would never have dreamed would come true. With technology progressing each and every day, it has made life a lot easier.
The grandmother raised her and her brother when their mother passed away; she was only 12 years old at the time. She grew to love and marry John Edd Potts. She never had children of her own but her husband had seven and she helped raise them.
“Growing up back then was harder than what it is now,” said Mrs. Potts. “We have it easy now, but we came up the hard way.” “We were not sitting around like we are now. From the time we were old enough to hold whatever, we were in the fields working and I was the only girl working with the boys.”
We sometimes take things for granted like television, video games, and transportation. We have become so accustom to these material things that we feel they are a necessity instead of a want. Major of the people in the country today has a cell phone, television or some form of transportation. A lot of the younger generation have numerous forms of fun and entertainment, but could we honestly image life today without our advanced technology.
“We did not know anything about transportation or going into town,” said Mrs. Potts. “Work was the only thing we knew. Working in the fields and going to church was our fun. We had to go every Sunday and we only lived a mile away from our church.”
As I sat and talked with Mrs. Potts, it is amazing how far we have come as a society. She is able to experience and enjoy all of the new inventions she never dreamed of having. From cell phones to air conditioners, all of those things are great but the most historic event of them all is witnessing the first black president of the United States. She never thought she would live to see the day.
“No Lord! We could not sit with whites or even vote much less elect an African American as president,” said Mrs. Potts. “We would go to vote and they would kick us out.”
What she witnessed was considered the old American. We are a country of free will and striving for better understanding each and every day.
“Oh Yes!” said Mrs. Potts. “We have come a long way but we still have a ways to go.”
Happy Birthday Mrs. Carrie Mae Potts and we wish you many more!
Carrie Mae Potts Birthday Celebration
The family of Carrie Mae Potts would like to express their love for her on August 10, 2014 with a birthday party celebrating her 104th Birthday. It will be in French Camp at the John Edd Potts home place. You are cordially invited to stop by and share your self with her.
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