In our community – That’s Life

By Ruth Nowlin

Can’t go this morning, have to go get blood work done. On this hill that answer or ones very similar are almost a daily routine.  We have reached the not so golden years.
The shine is rubbing off the gold and the rust and corrosion is being to show.  It goes like this.
I broke my lower bridge and have been “gumming” it as long as I can.  So I have to go to the dentist to get it repaired.  I thought that trips to the dentist ended when my “permanent” teeth went.  (That’s the same remark my hubby gives when I mention I am making a trip to the hair stylist to get a “permanent.”  He says it is at best a temporary.) I didn’t even get a gift from the Tooth Fairy. Boy, that would have been a bundle as I lost 10 at once. Thing is, it cost me a bundle for all the loss and pain.
But, now I make trips to get these store bought choppers fixed.
Another day.  Have to make a trip to Jackson as it is check up time for my heart/back.  Doesn’t matter.  Both have been chopped open, worked on, and stitched up twice for him and once for me.  Don’t do as I do, however.  Go on the wrong day and beat yourself the distance home for being so forgetful.  But isn’t that excusable?  At this point I am blessed to remember where the doctor is there are so many.
Just filled up this big ole gas drinker and it is a trip to get eyes checked and possibly new glasses.  That’s another addition to my anatomy that should be gold filled and trimmed.  Takes a suitcase to carry the money to pay for new ones.  Glaucoma, cataracts and degenerative eye disease makes these trips almost monthly.
Mix in the just routine visits, foot problems, stomach problems, high blood pressure and plain old complaints and we are really thinking of taking our bed and hot plate and setting up in the medical center.  Would save on gas for certain.
We really are trying to cut back on these excursions.  We eat right (or try to), we sure don’t smoke, we rest enough that is a given.  And, we sure exercise as much as our complaining bodies will allow.  In fact, as soon as my recent back surgery would allow, we bought an elliptical machine or in my language a torture machine.  It really is the best workout machine that I have tried and tried and tried.  I have mastered 2 minutes at a time and intend to conquer that monster if I live long enough.
Sometimes I wonder if, especially at my age, all this is worth it.  My little brother had the right idea.  What really sounds good to me right now, is a double sized strawberry milkshake, enjoyed in my lazy boy chair, watching an old black and white movie, with the air conditioner cranked low enough to make me reach for blanket.  Now THAT IS LIFE..