In our community – Concerts

By Lisa Harris

I recently took a trip to see Lionel Richie in Memphis, TN with the BFF. We had a good time taking it “Easy” like a Sunday morning. We behaved like “Once Twice Three Times a Lady,” but I had to try harder. I would rather follow the saying, “What happens on Beale Street stays on Beale Street!” They say opposites attract, so we complement each other. She is a little bit country and I am a little bit rock and roll as the old Donnie and Marie show used to sing.
We never quite understand why concerts have old people at them. We do not seem to place ourselves in the same age category. We are like, “Who let all these old folks in here?” It’s like being at a show with your parents. I actually was with my parents the first time I saw Lionel Richie. He was with a group called the Commodores. I remember my folks sticking cotton into their ears, because they could not handle the beat, the rhythm, or the volume. Amateurs at best! I have perfected the art of concert attendance. I scroll the concert sites, and pick a show I would like to see. Then I ask the BFF what she is doing on that date after I have already purchased the tickets of course! It’s spontaneous concert hopping. We have been to see Chicago, Heart, James Taylor, and now Lionel Richie and Celo Green. We have also seen some country acts at the Neshoba County Fair, but that is not my genre of choice.
Country songs are funny to me. One time I had to study up on country lyrics before we went to one concert at the Neshoba County Fair. I did not want to look like a city slicker, so I went to You Tube and learned some of the words to the songs. It was like cramming for a final exam or something. The songs are sometimes uplifting and sometimes bring you down. I’ve heard if you play a country song backwards all the bad karma turns into good. You get all you lost stuff back supposedly.
One of my favorite country songs is the one where Carrie Underwood goes berserk and smashes her boyfriend’s car into pieces for cheating on her. I like the song, but it seems to me if you have just committed a felony the use of gloves would be common sense. I also don’t think leaving your name at the scene of the crime would make much sense, so carving your name into leather seats would be a major “blonde” moment. A woman’s revenge is sweet, but a smart woman does it with style and common sense. Otherwise you will just wind up calling for bail money and saying, “Cheese” in your mug shot. Have a good day!