Letter to the editor – Treatment of animals

We just got back from picking up trash on the sides of Staten Road that runs from Hwy 15 to where the pavement ends around the curve. There was all sorts of junk including a big pile of cigarette butts where a trashy person stopped and emptied their ashtray beside the road – could not even wait to get home. That was just part of the dumping which is viral in this county. Speaks well of our folks – right?
That is not the subject I am all fired up about right now, however. I am so mad right now that I doubt the old devil would tangle with me – I would advise against it. I only wish I had the object of my anger here to get the heat. Since I do not, I am going to vent my outraged feelings the major way I have over the years – by writing it down.
I know from past experience to never, ever, call names when writing about controversy subjects so I will refrain from that. Now on to the subject matter. While we were picking up said trash I walked past a very sore eyesight – has been for between 2 and 3 years now. TWO OR THREE YEARS!!!!!
At the top of the hill west of our house is an open space where the heat, cold and rain have complete sway. Crowded into metal shacks (that is using even that term loosely) are at least 5 pitiful dogs. That is not the end of it either. Out in the edge of the wooded area are more pathetic tiny houses where smaller dogs are chained.
No, I did not trespass. There are such things as parking on the roadway, getting into the pickup bed and using binoculars. I also listened – to the sad barking. I could see there were water pans – empty water pans and the food was crawling with ants or other pests. One little beagle wagged his tail and whined as if to say, “Please free me and I’ll love you forever.” I cried.
Consider the weather we had this past winter. These animals were left to the elements to either freeze or die. The hard-hearted jailor went home to a warm house and good food and drink. Then in the summer they broil in the heat and beg for fresh water. Rain? They slug through the mud and worse searching for a dry spot to rest.
Now I ask you, how can an excuse for a human subject these innocent animals to such a pitiful existence? I don’t have the answer as we have 4 dogs and 10 cats that we love dearly. They have fresh food and water at least twice a day and have shelter in heat and cold. They have medical checkups and treatment as needed. Three of the cats are disabled and can’t walk; two are blind. They love us, we can tell by their purrs. We hold and pet them and I even spoon feed one of the tiny creatures. If we can do this, could not this “person” and I also use this term loosely, at least free these animals, feed and water them as properly and give them shelter from the elements. Ownership designates responsibility. Even Noah spent 120 years building a safe place to preserve the species.
I know, somewhere, there must be some person of authority that I can contact on this dire problem. I am going to continue to search. Meanwhile, if you are acquainted with this creature that continues to persecute and torture these little dogs, please urge them to wake up and take CARE of them. They cry daily for release and love.

An animal lover and caregiver.
Ruth Nowlin