Forestry equipment on display at Pine Tree Music Fest

Chambers DeLimbinator, Inc. will have equipment on display during Pine Tree Music Fest.
Eric and Mary Grace Chambers began Chambers DeLimbinator, Inc. in Ackerman in 1997. The company operates out of the old Belwood facility and is the manufacturer of the Model CD1 DeLimbinator, a chain-flail delimber used in the processing of pine pulpwood trees. Because of the faster and more efficient processing, customers usually see an additional 25% to 40% above their normal production with alternate delimbing methods.

Chambers equip
The DeLimbinator employs two flail drums and 88 debarking chains, which allow it to delimb multiple stems with a single pass through the flail area. Often as many as 8 to 10 trees can be processed at one time with very little effort. Customers report the ability to delimb a load of pulpwood in under 20 minutes, while reducing the strain and wear on their other pieces of equipment.
From Ackerman, the company serves customers throughout the Southeastern United States, the East coast as far north as Delaware, into Western Canada and most recently the country of Chile. The DeLimbinator is recognized throughout the forest industry as one of the most reliable and trouble-free pieces of equipment on the market. Feel free to drop by their location at 234 Belwood Road for a tour of the plant and a closer look at their machines.