WES Kindergarteners study baby chickens

Submitted photos

Mrs. Raines and Mrs. Ellen McMullen, Mrs. Talley and Mrs. Fannie McMullen’s Weir Elementary Kindergarten classes have been very busy studying about baby chickens.
Over the past few weeks, the students have learned about the process of a chicken’s life. Tannah Christensen, from Mississippi State University, came and talked with the students and taught them facts about chickens.  Before she left, each classroom received an incubator full of eggs.  The next day, the students enjoyed watching the eggs hatch and taking care of the baby chickens. The students loved this hands on learning activity!! The chickens stayed with the classrooms for 1 week before going back to Mississippi State.

4-23 WES-Kid-Student#332CAE 4-23 WES-Kid-Group