In our community – God’s Love

By Evangelist Francie Hemphill

God’s love is like the lavender wisteria vine, it is beautiful and breathtaking to the one who beholds it. Thank you Heavenly Father for all your goodness and mercy that you give us each and every day. I will forever give you praise for your name deserves all the glory.

Friendship M.B. Church held their Women’s Day Service on April 6 at 3 p.m. Theme “Women in White of the Faith. Are you willing to serve as God’s instrument, and do you know who you serve. The mistress of ceremony was Sis. Sandra Shumaker, a beautiful and heartfelt poem was done by Sis. Maxine Fair, Sis. Dorothy Lilley lead the devotion and Sis. Ivy Kennedy was introducing the m.c. for the hour. A warm welcome was given by Sis. Leslie Miller and Evangelist Lillie Anderson responded to the welcome. Sis. Chasity Payne and the mission choir sang a song of encouragement “Hold my Hand” as well as missionary Susie Mosley song BY THE GRACE OF GOD. I come a long way. A beautiful litany prayer was given by the minister & congregation.

Sis. Sherry Woods and Sis. Mamie Gladney did reading title. I think it apply to you and blessing in the storm. Sis. Trinita Batts & the mission women sang I know it was Jesus. Sis. Barbara Knox introduce the speaker of the hour which was her daughter and the granddaughter of mother Elizabeth Yarbrough who has been a blessing to this community for a long time. Rev. Anjohnette Gibbs spoke a powerful message Title I still have Faith.

In these last days we must hold to our faith and don’t let go of it. President Sis. Mattie Kennedy made everyone feel welcome and love. I pray all is well with Pastor Charlie Davis for he is a blessing to Friendship Church, I was really blessed by the service the WORD OF GOD, good food and Fellowship was giving on this day that was ordain by the Lord. The decoration where a lovely lime green and white a beautiful compliment to each other.

Everything was so lovely God got the glory out if this service a blessing to the community. Unity Church in Louisville invites you to all of our services. Bishop Joseph Berry and Prophetess Charlotte Berry we thank you for all you do for the kingdom of God. Love your spiritual leader enough to cover them with prayer every day. Mr. Melvin, Mr. Sergio, Mrs. Nikki, Ajaye, Kenya Leigh and I pray that something good is going to happen to you. If you don’t know Jesus as your Lord and Savior, today is the day for salvation tomorrow is not promised to no one.

Francie loves you, but I got to tell you the truth, JESUS IS LORD!!!