Letter to the editor – Return of view around us

Here I continue the saga of the DELIMBINATOR, as I promised I would.

Yes sir, we here in Choctaw County have got a lot to be proud of—a Miss America, two Governors, two Justices on the State Supreme Court as presently constituted, numerous State Championships in multiple sports. And a new multimillion dollar Hospital.

Yes, we’ve got the world on a string and it all belongs to us, the land, the trees, the water, etc. And we’ve got free will as well. To do with it as we see fit.

Well, I for one have mixed feelings about that, after having been invaded by large yellow and black creatures that ate our forest overnight [I say ‘our’ here in the same sense that we say ‘our’ world; we don’t own it but it’s ‘ours’ nonetheless], left hills and hollers stripped bare, denuded of the raiment with which God and Nature had blessed them. That is to say, having had one’s hideaway exposed to the world.

However, there are some who disagree with me. I’ve heard folks say, ‘God put it here for us to use.’ And it appears that’s what we mean to do. If it means the end of us, so be it. When the temperature and the oceans rise we’ll say that was part of God’s Plan too.

Darnell Fulgham